CORSAIR MP600 GS and MP600 PRO NH, performance and resistance

If what you are looking for is maximum performance, but with a price within reach of all pockets, the CORSAIR MP600 GS and MP600 PRO NH are an excellent option. We are talking, as you can see, about two NVMe SSD storage units designed, how could it be otherwise with this manufacturer, thinking especially of the world of gaming and, therefore, of the critical role that storage media play in the gaming experience, something that has traditionally always been like this and that with the arrival of DirectStorage has gained a new dimension.

And it is that, as a quick reminder, this technology creates a direct channel between the storage medium and the memory, in a process in which the CPU was previously between both points. Thus, even if we had the fastest SSD on the market, the processor was a certain limitation, which prevented us from taking full advantage of the performance of the storage medium. With DirectStorage, however, the GPU directly receives and processes those elements that previously passed through the processor and, for this purpose, its performance is considerably higher. In other words, now the SSD must be up to par with the GPU…and that is a very high level.

To ensure that performance, the CORSAIR MP600 GS and MP600 PRO NH are added to the catalog of PCIe Gen4 SSD solutions, which makes them compatible with the entire park of current gaming systems (unlike what happens with PCIe Gen5, faster but much more recent implementation). This makes them not only a very good option for building a new PC, but also for updating existing ones.

By models, we start with the CORSAIR MP600 GS, with versions of 500 gigabytes, one and two terabytes. We find ourselves with a device designed to last, thanks to its 1,200TB/write endurance (for the two terabyte model) and that, thanks to its M.2 2280 form factor and its great slimness, it can be installed even in fairly compact systems where size is a key element.

But don’t let this make you think of mediocre performance. Based on high-density 3D TLC NAND technology, this drive is capable of delivering speeds of up to 4,800MB/s sequential read and up to 3,900MB/s sequential write (for the one terabyte model). The three models are already on the CORSAIR website (although, at the date of publication of this news, there is no stock of the two-terabyte model) and their prices are, respectively, for the 500 gigabytes, one terabyte and two terabytes, from 74.99 euros, 119.99 euros and 224.99 euros.

CORSAIR MP600 GS and MP600 PRO NH, performance and resistance

For its part, the CORSAIR MP600 PRO NH SSDs go a step further in terms of performance, as they are capable of providing sequential read speeds of 7,000 MB/s and sequential write speeds of 6,500 MB/s, a speed that makes them in a highly recommended option not only for gaming, but also for tasks that are especially demanding in terms of the speed of managing large volumes of data, such as those related to 4K video editing or working with huge volumes of information typical of many of the disciplines of deep data analysis and artificial intelligence. And when it comes to durability, we find up to 6,000TB/write (for eight terabyte model)

They share, with the MP600 GS, their M.2 2280 form factor and their great slimness, which again works in their favor to allow installation in systems with very little space. What does differ is in the enormous variety of storage capacities, and that is that we can find this CORSAIR MP600 PRO NH with capacities of 500 gigabytes, one terabyte, two terabytes, four terabytes and, for those with enormous storage needs , eight terabytes. We can already find them all on the CORSAIR website and these are their prices:

  • 500 gigabytes: 94.99 euros.
  • 1 terabyte: 144.99 euros.
  • 2 terabytes: 269.99 euros.
  • 4 terabytes: 679.99 euros.
  • 8 terabytes: 1,369.99 euros.

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