CORSAIR MP600 PRO LPX, the heatsink SSD that will blow up your PS5

One of the reasons why CORSAIR has reduced the size of the passive heatsink of the MP600 PRO LPX is to offer compatibility with new generation consoles, specifically with the SONY PS5.

CORSAIR MP600 PRO LPX – Same performance, but smaller

One of the problems that users find when updating or expanding their PlayStation 5 is the tight space available for the installation of the M.2. This greatly limits the possibilities for the console, since the vast majority of high-performance SSDs on the market are usually intended for use in PCs, which do not usually have space or size limitations to what passive heatsinks for the SSD on motherboard is concerned.

CORSAIR meanwhile, it promises the same performance and performance in the MP600 PRO LPX than in your previous review. This applies to all the versions that we have available in our country, since, at the moment, it is only sold in capacities of 1 TB and 2 TB, leaving the larger version for later and that will have no less than 4 TB.

That said, we are talking about an SD with Smart Support that weighs only 0.034 Kg. This point is important, because the key improvement is precisely in its heatsink so that it can be better installed on motherboards and especially on PS5. If we take into account that the weight is exactly the same as in its normal PRO version, but its dimensions in terms of thickness have decreased (15 mm compared to 11 mm in this LPX version) it means that the density of the heatsink is much higher.

This is important given the reduction in height that occurs, since the fins are only 20% of the previous distance and they are also simpler as they contain common pipes. The theory tells us that the higher density of the aluminum used for this heatsink (they have not opted for copper for obvious reasons) tries to alleviate the deficiency of the size and contact of the fins with the air in order to achieve a dissipation, if not the same, very close to that of his older brother.

Superlative speed for PS5


Likewise, this CORSAIR MP600 PRO LPX is a low PCIe 4.0 x4 SSD in its two versions that will reach blazing speeds by putting both the PC and PS5 interface against the ropes. And it reaches a speed of 7,100 MB / s in CDM sequential reading (the same for both versions and sizes) as the 5,800 MB / s in CDM sequential write.

Looking at this data it turns out to be faster than its brother with a larger heatsink, so this LPX is currently only below the XT version, that is, it is the second fastest SSD on the CORSAIR list currently. Logically we are talking about a solid state hard drive with M.2 2280 form factor under the NVMe protocol (no specific version is specified) where both 1 TB and 2 TB versions will have a size of only 80mm x 23mm x 11mm.


Another section that must be taken into consideration in any SSD is its NAND Flash memory chips. In this case, CORSAIR plays it safe to give first-level durability values, since this MP600 PRO LPX includes 3D TLC NAND, which in the 1 TB version allows us TBW values ​​of 700 or an MTBF of 1,600,000 hours.

Curiously, the 2 TB version maintains the same MTBF, but increases and multiplies the durability by two until reaching the 1400 TBW, which are more than respectable figures in both cases. Finally we have its AES 256-bit encryption system and temperatures, key data on PS5 without a doubt.

In both models and regardless of the capacity, this CORSAIR MP600 PRO LPX can be kept idle between -40º C and + 85º C, while operating and fully loaded the data is reduced to 0º C and + 70º C, which are optimal values, but since it is focused on the PS5 due to the smaller size of its heatsink, we still do not know how effective this is and if it can keep its memory chips below those 70ºC.

Giving solutions to problems

Corsair MP600 - Review 12

First of all, thanks to its new design, CORSAIR promises a full compatibility that until now did not have in its series of M.2 MP SSDs, thus guaranteeing a quick and easy installation for the user of a SONY PlayStation 5, it is expected that With the reduction of the heatsink and in a space as it is in the console, it does not offer problems in the future.

With this reduction in size, CORSAIR has offered a practical solution to a problem: the difficulty of uninstalling their heatsinks across the range. These problems were such that they were even forced to create a tutorial on their official website to show step by step how to disassemble the previous – larger – heatsink in order to make their M.2 NVMe SSD compatible for console users.


With the new passive heat sink design of this MP600 PRO LPX SSD, CORSAIR has also simplified the construction of the same, changing the clumsy previous clips that used to be the culprits of the difficulty of uninstalling the heatsink itself for a simpler, but at the same time effective, system, thanks to a few small anchor screws. This is a positive thing, not just for PS5 users who want to use this anymore gorgeous SSD in their devices, but also for PC users, who many times are subject to the use of these passive heatsinks included by the manufacturer, making it difficult to install depending on which motherboard or the integration of another passive or active heatsink model that we please.

At the moment this SSD is only available in some countries, but it will arrive shortly to the rest with an official MSRP price of 204.99 euros in its 1 TB version and 404.99 euros at your option 2 TB.

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