Do you have problems with the adaptability of a mouse to a new one? Is it difficult for you to feel comfortable despite the fact that the mouse is of quality? Do not despair, it is something very common, since although the average gamer uses a mouse for all types of games, those who can and know opt for a specific model for each type of game and professionals have a mouse even for each specific game .

This leaves us with a clear conclusion: we need adaptability, customization and this is not simple and cheap in current mice. Therefore, we hope that you value today’s offer, because it is tremendously attractive.

CORSAIR NIGHTSWORD RGB – What do you want to customize?

This would really be the question. There are mice with more buttons, there are mice that could be more ergonomic, perhaps even more precise if possible, but it is a daunting task to find a model that brings everything together and above all allows the degree of customization and performance of this.

And it is that this mouse has a curious adjustable weight system, which without being a novelty in itself, presents something exclusive.

When we have the precise weight and balance of the mouse, the iCUE software will automatically detect the mouse’s center of gravity in real time, which is totally revolutionary in itself because we are talking about 6 weights with a total balance ranging from 119 grams to 141 grams.

The design and feel are superlative, with a smooth contour and high-quality rubber so that it never slips out of hand. Is this not enough for you? Do not worry, because as a sensor we will have a Pixart PMW3391 that can be configured in steps of 1 PPP and that obtains devilish performance:

  • 50 G acceleration.
  • 400 IPS motion and speed detection.
  • Optical sensor with 18,000 DPI

The features do not logically end here, as this mouse has a lot of rope to offer.

RGB, high-quality switches and programmable buttons


Let’s start with the 8 + 2 buttons that it includes and that are fully configurable and programmable by software through iCUE, where we can also select the RGB lighting of four zones independently and with an incredible amount of effects.

For all this, this CORSAIR NIGHTSWORD RGB integrates 3 memory profiles that can logically store 3 different configurations. Highlight a couple more details, since all the swiches are signed by Omron with a durability of up to 50 million clicks. Finally, its cable is made of braided fiber and has a length of 1.8 meters, while its Polling Rate reaches up to 1000 Hz.

Yesterday it cost 79.99 euros, but both CORSAIR and Amazon now offer it for 64.99 euros, a 19% discount for a mouse which is wonderful as we have seen.

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