CORSAIR Releases New K60 PRO TKL and K70 PRO OPX Gaming Keyboards

CORSAIRone of the leading companies in products for gaming and contexts in which high performance is required, has announced the launch of its new K60 PRO TKL, K70 PRO OPX and K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS 60% keyboards.

The K60 PRO TKLwhich belongs to the K60 PRO line, is an elegant and compact keyboard aimed at offering the best experience with the gaming. Does not have a numeric keypad in order to save space, which also helps, for example, to reduce the mouse distance. In addition, the CORSAIR OPX optical-mechanical keyswitcheswhich are also featured on the K70 PRO OPX, help enhance the experience by quickly registering inputs with their short actuation distance of just 1 millimeter and supporting an impressive 150 million keystrokes.

The K60 PRO TKL keyboard sets up quickly with a detachable USB Type-C cable and offers a 8,000 Hz advanced polling rate for the best input performance. Adding to its durable design with an aluminum frame and polycarbonate keys is the fact that it supports an advanced 8,000 Hz polling rate for the best performance when entering data (pressing keys).


And as a gaming-oriented product, it features stunning RGB lighting that can be configured with CORSAIR iCUE software, which also unlocks key remapping, macro programming, and lighting synchronization. with some specific titles.

For his part, the K70 PRO OPX is a full size keyboard and with a wrist rest that aims to offer perfect performance for eSports, which is reinforced with the responsiveness of CORSAIR optical switches. Thanks to hyper-processing technology AXON, is capable of transmitting keystrokes up to eight times faster than typical gaming-oriented keyboards. It is available in black and white colors and is compatible with the iCUE tool to take full advantage of RGB lighting and configuration possibilities.


And finally we have the K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS 60%, a model also available in black and white colors and with CHERRY MX Red switches and RGB backlighting. It is a compact keyboard, extensively customizable with the iCUE software and with a very particular style that makes it ideal for modern games and other uses. As its name suggests, it’s wireless and can connect via Bluetooth or CORSAIR’s Slipstream technology. For wireless connection uses 128-bit AES encryption and offers 32 hours of battery life with RGB light and 200 hours without it.


The new CORSAIR keyboard models can now be purchased from Spain. The prices are 149.99 euros for the K60 PRO TKL, 219.99 euros for the K70 RGB PRO and 189.99 euros for the K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS 60%. We take this opportunity to remember that the company recently announced the K100 AIR, which stands out for its extra-slim design.

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