CORSAIR TC200, review: robust and modern gaming chair

In terms of its dimensions, it is a “normal” chair. The class 4 piston allows to support up to 150 Kg of weight, but you should know that we are not dealing with an XL size chair, and in fact seeing its characteristics, the depth of the seat will make very tall people have their legs quite out. However, it also integrates a robust powder-coated steel base that offers great durability.

Also noteworthy is a great novelty in this chair: the wheels. They have an oversized size (75 mm in diameter) and are double, but the novelty is that CORSAIR already complies with the new European regulations (EN-1335 certification) that requires the chairs to have a STOP system. We are not talking about the typical lever that blocks the wheel, but they integrate a spring mechanism that makes it difficult to move the chair from its place when we are not sitting, while when there is weight, the wheels will slide normally. We do not know very well the reason for this standard (we imagine that to avoid accidents with children), but CORSAIR has explained to us that from now on it is a standard that is going to be required in Europe, and that therefore all manufacturers must integrate it in their chairs.

Unboxing and external analysis

The CORSAIR TC200 comes packed in a large and heavy hard cardboard box, which, as always, on the outside we will find reasons for the manufacturer and the product model. A sticker tells us that the manufacturer has sent us the model in white and gray, and there is also a list of the parts that we will find inside.

Inside an internal box we find the accessories, which include the piston, trims, screws, etc.

CORSAIR TC200 accessories

In the following gallery you can take a closer look at these accessories: the trims (for the piston and for the two lateral anchors), the class 4 gas piston, the screws and the wheels.

We are going to take a short break to better show you the wheels and that stopping mechanism that we were talking about before. If you look at the next photo, there is a small spring integrated in the upper part, as well as a semicircular piece.


On the outside of the wheels we find a framework of semicircles, where this semicircle that we have seen before will be inserted, so that the possibility of the wheels slipping will be considerably slowed down. However, when we are sitting on the chair, the spring will lower and this framework will be separated from the semicircle that acts as a stop, allowing normal sliding.

CORSAIR TC200 wheel

We continue with the accessories, and here you have the cervical cushion. It is totally black, very soft, and filled with very comfortable memory foam.

Having seen the accessories, we are going to proceed to see the parts of the chair before its assembly. Here’s the bottom bracket, with the rocker arm lifting and locking mechanism.


Here is the star-shaped steel base, with the holes to insert the wheels at the ends and the piston in the center. In all cases, they are inserted under pressure without the need for tools.

Here we have the backrest, of considerable dimensions. As you can see, almost the entire backrest is made of perforated synthetic leather, while on the sides it has white inserts made of a material similar to velvet, quite soft but, being white, quite dirty too. In the upper part we have the sewn brand logo, and there are two black plastic perforations through which to pass the anchors of the vertical cushion.

On the back, the back has the same materials but there is no perforation or decoration, except for the CORSAIR logo again stitched on the top.

Here you can see the seat, which already comes with both armrests mounted. It is made of the same materials as the backrest, but as you can see the side fastenings are separated from the seat itself, something that we personally do not like very much since lint and dirt tend to accumulate very easily in those areas.

The armrests are 4D and generously sized. In addition, they are made of a relatively soft material that improves comfort and ergonomics.

In the seat we also have the backrest reclining mechanism.


In the lower area we can see the anchorage for the support, as well as that of the two armrests. If you want, you can loosen the screws and take them out a couple of centimeters.


Having seen the parts of the chair, we are going to proceed with the assembly.


In this case CORSAIR does not include an instruction manual in the chair, although it is not that it has much mystery. We are going to opt for the traditional way of assembling chairs, so the first step is to insert the wheels into the base to have it ready.

With the wheels assembled, we introduce the piston under pressure and place its trim.

We already have this prepared, so now we go with the seat. The first thing is to screw the bracket to the seat with 4 of the supplied screws.

Once this is done, we proceed to insert the seat in the piston, also under pressure. Simply lift the seat and match the hole in the support with the piston. It is recommended that, once done, we sit on the chair so that our weight exerts pressure and settles on the piston.

Now we simply have to place the backrest making the side holes match the seat supports, and screw it there. It is recommended not to tighten completely until we already have the 4 screws (two on each side) placed in place, so that we have a little more clearance.


Once this is done, we can proceed to place the trims, which in turn have rubber plugs with the manufacturer’s logo to cover the holes.

With this, we already have the chair completely assembled, and it only remains to put the cervical cushion (which is optional, of course).

We already have the CORSAIR TC200 assembled and ready for us to use it, so we are going to do it to tell you our impressions.

Testing the CORSAIR TC200

We are going to start talking about the design, which honestly has seemed to us to be one of the most beautiful on the market with this combination of white, gray and black colors. The chair is elegant and beautiful, although we have already warned you that it has a disadvantage, and that is that those white velvet areas tend to get dirty quickly.

The chair has been quite comfortable for us from the beginning, although it is true that, accustomed to an XL size chair, the seat has been a bit short for us, so that the legs protrude a bit (that is, sitting down and with the buttocks back completely to support the back well, the seat does not touch the front of the knees). However, with a height of 1.80 and a weight of 84 Kg, this chair fits us like a glove.

The ergonomics of the CORSAIR TC200 have everything that can be asked of a high-end gaming chair, since it allows us to modify the height, the hardness of the rocker, we can lock the rocker itself and we can even recline the chair 180º backwards to lie completely on top of it. The armrests are 4D, so we can add little to this since the ergonomics they provide are practically perfect. In addition, the mechanisms are simple to operate and do not have too much play, which is appreciated.


The issue of wheels is something that has bothered us a bit. If you are sitting on the chair, it glides perfectly on all kinds of surfaces, but if you want to move the chair from its place without sitting, you better pick it up or press on it because otherwise It is very difficult to move it due to the mechanism that we have explained before. It is not that this is a failure of the chair, it is another one of those stupid regulations that they have been forced to incorporate because those who regulate these things seem to have to be making absurd regulations to justify their jobs without even being aware of what they are regulating. No comment.

In these days of quite hot, it is quite appreciated that CORSAIR has chosen to use perforated synthetic leather, because it allows better breathability that, although it does not reach the same level as cloth chairs, is quite appreciated. We can say that it is a middle ground between synthetic leather and fabric in terms of breathability, but that it is easily cleaned like imitation leather and has its durability.

Conclusion and verdict

With the TC200, CORSAIR once again demonstrates its mastery of crafting gaming chairs with an enviable aesthetic that’s elegant and beautiful as well as functional. The chair is undoubtedly of excellent quality both in construction and materials, and it is also quite simple to assemble, so even without instructions or experience, it can be easily assembled in just a few minutes without any problems.

The chair is quite comfortable if you have an average height and weight, but if you are more than 1.90 cm tall, we must warn you that the depth of the seat is probably slightly insufficient for you. This is perhaps the only drawback that it has, but we must bear in mind that if we had made a seat with greater depth, it might have been uncomfortable for people of smaller stature, so we are not going to take it into account either because CORSAIR has searched for a good balance and has achieved it.


Without a doubt, the CORSAIR TC200 is a highly recommended chair for all those looking for a comfortable and good quality chair with a timeless design that looks good in any room. Its recommended retail price is €389.90which places it in the lower part of the high range of chairs, but of course it deserves it due to its qualities.

For all these reasons, we believe that this chair deserves our Platinum award, as well as our recommendation for its design.

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