Corsair Unveils Industry’s Fastest DDR5 Memory

Corsair has presented a new version of its memories DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB. If this series was already among the elite of the sector, now they become the fastest on the market, reaching a frequency of 6,600 MHz.

The new generation of DDR5 memory is rapidly being deployed in all areas of the technology industry: consumer, professional and servers. The standard has significant advantages over DDR4 in performance, power consumption, operations, or capacity, as well as other manufacturing benefits, data controller improvement, power management integrated circuit, or error-correcting code (ECC) for professional applications.

Although Intel and AMD still support DDR4 on all their major platforms, if you want to get ahead of the future DDR5 should be the choice. Corsair has already released its catalog of DDR5 memories with models as interesting as the VENGEANCE that we had the opportunity to analyze. If this series is focused on offer value with very contained pricesthe DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB is aimed at gamers, enthusiasts and high-performance PC builders who want the best.

The new DDR5-6600 kit is sold in a kit of two modules to complete a capacity of 32GB. It’s certified to work with Intel’s most advanced processors, like the Alder Lake Core i9-12900K, and Z690 chipset motherboards like the ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-F where it’s been tested to hit those stratospheric 6600 MT/s. Currently, it is the fastest memory you can buy.


Like the rest of the DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB series, they feature a bold aesthetic with lighting by 12 CAPELLIX LEDs individually addressable by module and forged aluminum construction. Its patented DHX cooling design ensures that performance is not reduced even at the very high frequencies it can reach.

As a complement, the manufacturer offers free iCUE software with XMP Manager, which offers a great level of control and customization to enthusiasts who use their DDR5 memory. It allows to regulate the voltage to achieve a more accurate and stable overclocking with custom Intel XMP 3.0 profiles that can be saved directly to the module, tailoring each performance level to specific tasks.

Like all Corsair memory, DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB DDR5 6600MHz modules are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The official price of the kit with 32 Gbytes is €349. If you are going to build/upgrade your PC and want to reach an “enthusiastic” level, here are the fastest DDR5 memories that you can currently buy.

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