Couchbase Server 7 is launched: the best of modern and legacy databases

Couchbase, a creator of enterprise-class, multicloud NoSQL databases, has announced the release of Couchbase Server 7. This historic company release unites the best aspects of relational databases, such as ACID transactions, with the flexibility of a database. Modern data, enabling companies to streamline their strategic initiatives, as well as move critical business applications to the cloud more quickly, improve application flexibility, and increase the agility with which developers work.

Thanks to Couchbase Server 7, the development teams of companies have a unified platform, so they no longer need to use a BDD for transactions and another for developers to work in an agile and scalable way. In this way, customers can simplify their database architectures, expand the use of Couchbase in business transactional applications, and reduce operational costs through performance improvements.

As stated by Forrester, “many organizations continue to use applications based on languages ​​and database management systems of fourth generation and other legacy technologies that accompany them until today” (Forrester, Now Tech: Application Modernization and Migration Services, Q1 2021).

Therefore, there is an urgent need for a database platform that can support both the development and implementation of new applications and the modernization and updating of existing ones. Couchbase Server 7 eliminates major friction points They have prevented companies from modernizing their relationship-based applications, giving them the agility and flexibility to accelerate the development of modern business-critical applications.

Customers benefit in many ways, including but not limited to: the ability to run commercial business activities within their customer-facing applications, develop rich data models for customer 360 and applications that drive personalization, and execute enduring plans with which to modernize relational database-based applications in the cloud.

Additionally, development teams can more easily transition from legacy relational databases to Couchbase’s database without the need to retrain team members, as the platform uses the same programming languages ​​combined with the familiarity of the SQL you already know.

The highlights of Couchbase Server 7 are:

  • Eliminate the complexities of database proliferation by adding fully consolidated SQL transaction capabilities. Thus, customers will no longer need both a relational database and a NoSQL. Couchbase now has multi-document SQL transactions merging with high-volume interactions. For the first time, customers can do multi-document SQL ACID transactions with microsecond interactions all within a unified BDD platform.
  • Allow real-time updates without downtime through a dynamic data containment model. Couchbase Server 7 introduces schema and table-like organization structures, called “scopes and collections,” into a schema-free database. Only with Couchbase Server 7 can customers add a table (the “collection”) to Couchbase while the swaps are happening without having to add or modify the schema (the “scope”) or remove the BDD for this update. This greatly accelerates innovation cycles. New multi-tier, dynamic data organization structure enables the platform to adapt and migrate relational data models to Couchbase Server 7, then reverses ongoing control of data structures from database administrator to developer of the application, thus improving your productivity.
  • Faster operational performance that lowers your total cost of ownership, facilitated by processing in terms of collection when accessing data, partitioning and isolation of indexes. Couchbase Server 7 also adds a configurable backup service. Data sets supplied to microservices are faster, index constructs run in parallel, and indexes are transferable during data rebalancing. And finally, the query service adds a cost-based search optimizer to replace its previous rule-based optimization.

“With Couchbase Server 7, the debate between relational and NoSQL databases is over. Developers no longer have to struggle to have multiple databases: a relational database for transactions and a NoSQL for flexibility and scale. We are excited to be the first modern database-as-a-service provider to combine traditional SQL and transaction functionality with the flexibility and scalability of NoSQL. The data inclusion model and distributed SQL transactions introduced in Couchbase Server 7 offer a familiar programming model in a distributed database. In addition, there are 30 other innovations spanning query, search, event creation, analytics, and geo-replication. No other database has organically fused all of these capabilities. These innovations offer developers an extraordinary advantage in creating modern business applications in a connected world. ” – Ravi mayuram, Senior Vice President of Engineering and CTO, Couchbase.

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