Could Canada disappear? City is under water half a year after being devastated by fire

Canada again faces a difficult situation due to weather disasters. And is that the city of Vancouver was isolated by floods and landslides, which cut off rail access to its port, which is the largest in Canada, in addition to the main roads being blocked, after two days of rain. torrential in British Columbia.

“All the rail service that arrives to and from Vancouver Harbor is under arrest due to flooding in the interior of British Columbia, “said Port spokesman Matti Polychronis. These events have claimed the lives of at least one person, lost their lives and affected hundreds of thousands, as the Port of Vancouver it moves loads worth about 388 million dollars every day.

It is expected that there a brief shortage of hydrocarbons in this area, as the floods have also hampered the pipelines, for example, the storms forced the closure of the Trans Mountain pipeline, which transports up to 300 thousand barrels per day from the province of Alberta to the Pacific coast.

In the United States the picture is very similar

In Washington state, in United States, heavy rains forced evacuations and cut electricity in more than 150 thousand homes; the picture is similar in Merritt, 200 kilometers from Vancouver, where 8,000 people were evacuated. The towns of Chilliwack and Abbotsford also ordered partial evacuations.

Both in EU, as in Canada, Rescue teams equipped with bulldozers and dogs trained to find bodies began clearing mounds of debris that had clogged the roads.

Residents are puzzled by this situation, as it comes half a year after a crisis due to the forest fires and heat waves that affected the northwestern United States and the British Columbia of Canada, which caused destruction in the forests and several dozen deaths.


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