Could cannabis be a cure for Covid-19?

If the solution against Covid-19 was found in cannabis? A crazy idea, which has just been confirmed by a very serious study.

It’s a scientific study that could make a big splash in the coming days. Researchers at the University of Oregon have just carried out antiviral experiments with secondary metabolites of cannabis (molecules that cannabis produces naturally during its life).

If the plant is already known for its many proven or supposed therapeutic effects, in particular as an anti-pain, this drug could therefore add a new string to its bow. University researchers who have also worked with the Linus-Pauling Institute have indeed produced very interesting results in the fight against Covid-19.

Their study has just been published in the famous journal Journal of Nature Porducts, and researchers assure that certain metabolites of cannabis can block the entry of SARS-Cov2, better known as Covid-19. Researchers have indeed focused their work on cannabinoids, a family of secondary metabolites produced by cannabis and hemp.

Among the 170 molecules produced by the plant, the two best known remain today are THC and CBD, which have several interesting effects from a therapeutic or recreational point of view, it all depends on the uses. But the researchers weren’t interested this time around.

A real solution to avoid infection?

In the midst of a pandemic, a study of this kind is necessarily followed very closely and the work is still far from rendering a clear verdict. Indeed, the experiments were only carried out in vitro on stem cells. According to the study, it is the CBGA and CBDA molecules that come to block on the famous S protein, at the level of the S1 subunit, specifies the study.

The researchers therefore arranged the molecules of CBGA and CBDA with virions before being mixed with stem cells. After 24 hours spent together, the researchers noted that no stem cells had been infected with the disease. While these results are encouraging, they are not without flaws.

There is still a long way to go

Indeed, the study was only conducted on stem cells and it will be necessary to wait for the arrival of other scientific results going in the same direction to be able to draw conclusions and consider the establishment of a treatment from these molecules. In other words, there is still a long way to go before your doctor prescribes cannabis for you to fight the pandemic.

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