Could Impossible 8 be Tom Cruise’s last film?

Variety suggests that the next two films of the license will be the last with Tom Cruise. Will the actor hang up his spy costume?

Will Tom Cruise complete his last mission with Mission Impossible 8? At least that’s what it suggests variety. In its columns, the American media explains that the next two films in the saga will be a way for Paramount to bid farewell to Ethan Hunt, and especially to Tom Cruise. We do not know, however, if this also marks the end of Impossible mission or if the license will continue with a new face on display.

The plot is currently being kept secret. Ethan Hunt will meet new protagonists, starting with the one camped by Hayley Atwell. After playing spies for SHIELD at Marvel, she should join the universe Impossible mission alongside Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames. Rebecca Ferguson will also be there, as well as Pom Klementieff (Guardians of the Galaxy), another Marvel recruit.

As a reminder, it was in 1996 that Tom Cruise appeared for the first time in the skin of Ethan Hunt. A character who allowed him to carve out a solid reputation in Hollywood where he is now known to be the daredevil of the band, which no stunt can resist.

These two new films are therefore particularly anticipated, especially since they have been postponed several times due to the pandemic. While filming was in full swing in Venice in 2020, the teams were forced to observe a break of several months as the Covid-19 became more virulent on the old continent.

A few weeks ago, Paramount announced a new postponement. They must now disembark the July 14, 2023 for Mission: Impossible 7 and the June 28, 2024 for Mission: Impossible 8 in the USA.

A colossal budget

To say goodbye to Tom Cruise, Paramount had to align the zeros. The various production delays cost the firm dearly. According to sources familiar with the matter, nearly $300 million would have been disbursed just for mission impossible 7 and this colossal sum does not include the budget allocated to the promotion of the film.

Tens of millions of additional dollars, which could explain the precautions taken by Paramount for the release of films. With such a budget, the studios have no room for error, and cannot be satisfied with a lackluster result linked to the recovery taking longer than expected in dark rooms around the world. To compare, Mission: Impossible Fallout, released in 2018 on our screens, had cost 190 million dollars. He had amassed more than $810 million at the box office.

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