Could Solar Storm Generate Massive Blackout? This is what scientists say

When our star manifests itself, in one way or another, it is natural for scientists to investigate the causes and possible effects that could affect the Land. It is the case of storms solar, which have always been a threat to telecommunications; However, in the last one it was said that there would be something more worrisome.

In this sense, it transpired that the phenomenon that occurred on October 9 and reached our home on the 12th could cause a blackout; However, what was clear is the reactivation of the activity cycle in the Sun.

This fact translates as the coronary mass ejection, which reached our planet (CME), and raised the Kp index, which is a measure of disturbance of the Earth’s magnetic field, to 6 which is considered moderate. In this case, the Kp index levels have a scale of 0 to 9, explained the DPA agency.

What did the scientists say about it?

In this sense, the scientific community indicated that this manifestation of the Sun It also generated an eruption of energy particles, which was captured by the Terrestrial Relations Observatory-Ahead.

According to the Center for Space Weather Prediction (SWPC) the event could cause a blackout in the area of ​​HF (high frequency) radio communication for an hour. However, there is always the question of how this will affect people on their devices.

The POT, at the time, indicated that solar storms could affect some services such as: electrical networks, GPS systems, satellite television signal and mobile phone signal, the latter being the greatest tragedy of all, since the people are connected all the time through this device.

What is a solar storm?

Solar storms are large eruptions of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the Sun, which can last minutes or even hours, reported the National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, for its acronym in English).


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