Councilbox, the startup that allows the holding of legal meetings without the need for a notary

The remote meetings They have been installed in our lives much more frequently since the pandemic appeared, both in the public and private sectors. However, at legal level there are processes that require legal support.

Councilbox, a Galician firm specialized in legal technology applications, offers a solution to this problem. It thus becomes the first Spanish platform for companies that allows this type of online meeting to be held with guarantees.

“Councilbox is the ideal tool to comply with legal regulations, since it allows traceability of decision-making and the generation of test evidence”, explains its CEO, Javier Polo. In this sense, the company has two types of service: holding meetings and citizen service. In addition, thanks to its technological capacity, it is able to carry out tailor-made projects for large clients.

Virtual boards

The meetings can be of shareholders or neighborhood communities, assemblies, corporate committees or plenary sessions of public bodies, among others, guaranteeing their full legality. In addition, there is the possibility of establishing quorums from any location and of participating remotely, also promoting personal and work conciliation.

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The main difference between Councilbox and a meeting or meeting held on any other virtual platform is that it has legal backing, without the need for a notary. This means that, in the event that someone challenges a meeting, the platform is able to demonstrate that everything has happened as it is shown, from the initial call to the closing of the minutes, and without the possibility that the video has been manipulated or has impersonated the identity of the participants. This legal certainty in all processes is achieved thanks to the storage of data with blockchain technology.

In addition to all this, it allows managing the meeting of integral form, from start to finish, offering practicality, simplicity, uniqueness of the act and comfort. “Holding company meetings involves a complex operational, bureaucratic and legal burden that saturates the administrative team with work. Councilbox does not require any type of previous installation, so it does not involve additional work for the organization. Saves up to 80% the time spent preparing and holding meetings and minimizes possible errors in the meeting, thanks to the simplification of the calling and holding processes », adds its CEO, Javier Polo. In this way, it increases productivity and profitability and facilitates supervision and control by the person in charge.

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