Counter Strike, the mod that Valve made the king of shooter games

These days, it can be very difficult to find someone who hasn’t played CS:GO. But the history of this video game is much older, when internet cafes existed, internet connections did not exceed 10 MB or mice with a ball still existed. More than 20 years have passed, but the Counter Strike is still the king of video gameswhy?

For those who don’t know, Counter Strike was actually born as a Half-Life mod. It was quite curious that, in order to run the game, you had to enter the Half-Life code. It became known, above all, from version 1.6, which began to become popular quickly.

Unseat your popularity within the reach of very few

Valve, seeing the success and in an unprecedented strategy, decided to acquire the mod and make it into a game. The first delivery was Counter Strike: Source, which made use of the company’s new graphics engine. Some time later he would launch the current global offensive. You may not remember, but in between was the Condition Zeroa game that passed without pain or glory.

The popularity was growing, with a huge community. If you are a true fan of the game, you have surely played maps like Rats, one of the most popular in its time. And it is that within the mod other mods have emergedlike a survival version where you turned into a zombie if you got bitten.

Although the game did not need anything to continue being the king, the inclusion of the Black Market, where you could sell crates and weapons, something that has made a lot of money for the company. But, without a doubt, the biggest explosion of the game was when I went to be free and I add a death match mode. This ended up generating the final explosion of the game.

Only one game has managed to dethrone Counter Strike Global Offensive, which for years has been the most played. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG, the deathmatch game that broke the market, achieving unprecedented numbers of simultaneous players. Over time, it has fallen in popularity and is far from the 1.5 million concurrent players which reached.

Going free and this new mode have finished raising a game that has been the most popular for decades.

Ok boomer! but what about Fortnite?

I have played CS:GO, PUGB and Fortnite. I must admit that the only one that I return to on a recurring basis is CS:GO, which I play for a while, leave it and play again. Fortnite is okay, but the graphics remind me a lot of Team Fortress and while I like it, I prefer PUBG. I ended up leaving the latter, it is very good in many aspects, but it was a fashion, like so many others.

I think CS:GO is the one that stays the longest and that everyone, or at least most of the world, goes through at some point. The fact that it is free has been a great boost for the game, since you can enjoy it without having to pay. The inclusion of the deathmatch mode is simply to adapt to the emerging current of this type of game modes.

Is CS:GO better than any other game? Well, the reality is that no. It is true that it has something, especially for those of us of a certain age, but it does not stand out from the rest. Fortnite has very good things, like the seasons and the constant evolution of the game, for example.

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