Couple recruited a young woman for their sexual sect on Tinder: they murdered her when she refused to participate

Sydney loofe She was 24 years old, a cashier at a Menards store, and the last time she was heard from, the November 15, 2017, had gone to a Date with a man she met on Tinder. What the young woman did not know is that the person she would meet was the “leader” of a cult what did he like about the witchcraft, the torture and the wild group sex.

Aubrey trail, Sydney’s date, and his girlfriend Bailey Boswell, they liked recruit women through Tinder, a famous application to meet people and make possible appointments with people who are in a certain distance radius. That was where they found Syndey and summoned her to a place, where they carried out their activities.

The man convinced young women that he was a vampire and with Sydney it was no exception. There was sexual interest on both sides, however, when the young cashier found out about the Aubrey and Bailey’s lifestyle, refused to participate. It was then that he strangled her with a wire until I kill her so that later, for pleasure, his girlfriend will dismember him in 14 parts, according to information from AP.

The scattered remains of Sydney were found in various ditches along country roads in Clay County, in Nebraska, USA. “She was unnecessarily mutilated by Trail and Boswell as part of the plan to satisfy her sexual desire. The mutilation was not done as an afterthought to conceal the body,” noted the Judge Vicky Johnson during the hearing to sentence Bailey, which was held on November 8.

Both were sentenced for the murder

Almost four years after the heinous crime against the 24-year-old, Bailey Boswell finally rreceived condemnation for his role in the murder of Sydney Loofe. Although the judges were divided and some they asked for the death penalty for having dismembered the young woman, others determined that she did not merit the maximum punishment.

In previous hearings, the woman had asked clemency for herself, as she did not want to leave her 7-year-old daughter in defenselessness. In the end, it was concluded that his case did not have sufficient depreciation to consider the maximum penalty and it was determined that Bailey will serve a life sentence at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women.

As for Aibrey Trail, Bailey Boswell’s boyfriend and Sydney Loofe’s killer, he was on trial since 2019 and they sentenced him to the death penalty for murder in the first degree, conspiracy to commit murder and improper disposal of human remains. At no time did he show regret to his victim’s family.

Before being sentenced, he changed the version about Sydeny’s murder several times, however, he ended up admitting that he hanged her with an extension and that he did it because she was scared when they told her about the sex cult they belonged to. So if he let her go, it was very likely that she would tell someone what was going on in her apartment.

When he was sentenced, three victims who managed to escape in time testified against him and recounted how he recruited on Tinder and subsequently abused women in his sex cult. Once inside, he and his girlfriend tortured and punished them. According to the Daily Mail, Nebraska authorities they have not set the execution date yet of the 54-year-old man.


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