CoverWallet seeks 100 engineers in Spain

CoverWallet continues betting on talent in Spain. The technological insurance platform for SMEs seeks the hiring of 100 engineers for its staff in 2022. The insurtech company, founded in New York and acquired by Aon in 2020, uses data, technology and design with the aim of facilitating the purchase and management of insurance online in a huge sector that is still highly digital ahead that the users themselves demand.

This template expansion represents a before and after for CoverWallet, thus practically achieving duplicate your team engineering in Spain. The company offers salaries that range between 30,000 and 75,000 euros per year, as well as flexibility in the possibility of working remotely or in its offices in Madrid, Valencia and Seville.

“Our mission is to achieve a digital transformation in the insurance sector similar to the one experienced by banking with fintech 10 years ago. For this we want to invest heavily in talent and innovation. We are looking for engineers willing to work as a team and take on new technological challenges that allow us to design, build and scale Aon’s digital experience as a single global platform”, affirms Pablo Molina, CTO of CoverWallet.

Awards for innovation, purchase of Aon and international projection

The growth of the company in recent years and its consolidation in the insurance market Due to its strong commitment to technology and digitization, it has led to its acquisition by Aon in 2020, which allowed its global expansion. In this way, the company today has a presence in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Singapore and Australia.

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“Innovation and technology are key to opening up a promising future in the insurance sector. Aon has the experience, resources, and scale to make this a success. CoverWallet is for us the center of technological development, from where ideas become digital products for our clients”, says Roberto Pinto, responsible for Digital Solutions at Aon.

Today it is key to hire qualified profiles for the development of technology and innovation. For CoverWallet, these types of profiles are vital for the labor market and to continue developing their projects that help them in their mission to digitize and revolutionize the business insurance sector. With this expansion of the workforce, they are clearly committed to attracting and retaining national talent to position themselves as benchmarks in the sector.

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