Covid-19: Delta Variant Reduces Vaccine Efficacy by 40%

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization (WHO), confirmed to the media that they should continue to take care of themselves, this despite being vaccinated, sincee it was revealed that the Delta variant reduces the percentage of efficacy of the vaccines 40 percent, that is, it is highly contagious and that can cause a new wave of infections in the world.

Covid-19 is one of the pandemics that has most affected the planet, since after almost two years of being detected it still continues to leave people dead and countless infections in the world; this despite having a large number of people vaccinated throughout the globe. Thanks this, the authorities continue to insist that people continually wear face masks and take sanitary measures to avoid contagion.

“Vaccines save lives, but they do not totally prevent the transmission of Covid-19. There is data to suggest that before the Arrival of the Delta variant, vaccines reduced the transmission of the virus by 60%, but since it appeared, its effectiveness dropped considerably to 40%”, Indicated the head of the WHO.

A worldwide increase in infections

Last week it was confirmed that coronavirus cases had increased by 6 percent in the world compared to the previous seven days, that is, it left a total of 3.6 million new infected that week. The worrying thing is that of the total infections, 2.4 million, that is, two thirds, were presented in the old continent.

“We fear there is a misconception that vaccines have ended the pandemic, and that vaccinated people no longer need to take precautions, “explained Tedros because in many places in Europe and the rest of the world they have already begun to remove the measures that were implemented at the beginning of the pandemic to prevent infections.

For its part, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control asked the countries that are part of the European Union to give the booster dose as soon as possible, being people over 40 who have the priority, since they warned of “very high risk” the contagions of Covid-19 in the coming weeks.

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