Covid-19 hits Europe again: INTERACTIVE MAP of the countries that return to confinement

Europe faces again the resurgence of the Covid-19 contagions and last friday Austria was the first country to act drastically to slow the case curve by announcing that the coronavirus vaccine will become a legal requirement for its inhabitants.

The regional director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Hans kluge, warned that by March 2022, Europe would register up to 500 thousand more deaths by the contagion of Covid-19 before the report of the high rates of infection that the old continent has presented, he said in an interview for the BBC.

To stop the spread of infections, the WHO regional director highlighted the importance of keep wearing the mask before the arrival of winter, continue with the healthy distance and the washing of hands, in addition to encourage vaccination.

Therefore, Hans Kluge asks that in addition to applying the standard inoculation, another reinforcement should be applied if it is offered. This position was supported by the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen through a tweet:

“We must intensify vaccination to control the pandemic. We want to convince people to get vaccinated. Drivers should be available to adults, with priority for people over 40 and vulnerable people. And let’s keep our distance and masks! ”.

Countries that return to confinement

Along with Austria, there are other countries that are already suffering the ravages of increases in infections, such as the case of Slovakia, which has one of the worst percentages of the vaccinated population, which has forced its government to take forceful measures with the closure of hotels, bars and restaurants, highlights El País.

Germany It is the most recent nation that has broken the record of new daily infections, last Thursday it registered 50 thousand positive patients for coronavirus per day, which represents the arrival of new infected to intensive care units.

On Netherlands, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced new rules such as early closure of hospitality stores and premature closure of non-essential stores, plus sporting events will be held without an audience.

For his part, Austrian government directs measures such as the mandatory confinement of people who have not been vaccinated or who have successfully passed the lags of Covid-19; while to enter places and make use of business services, people will have to verify that they have already been vaccinated or that they have recovered from the virus.

Hungary forced to wear the mask again in public transport; Romania imposed a curfew from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the following day, while Bulgaria He has asked the European Union for help for equipment such as oxygen, beds and respirators.

For its part, Denmark which had decided to remove all restrictions, announced that it will be necessary to present the Covid passport again in all centers that have a large number of people. The Czech Republic has also had a dramatic rebound in its numbers with more than 25 thousand infections per day.

Here the rest of the European countries that return to confinement:

With information from the BBC and El País.


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