COVID-19: Third Dose Could Boost Immunity

About a year ago, I remember it like it was yesterday, we were waiting, full of hope, the arrival of vaccines for COVID-19. Today, although at that time it seemed something very, very distant, mass vaccination is already a reality, and although there are still people who deny it (some out of extreme caution, most because they have fallen into the poison of denial), The common citizenry has welcomed the two punctures, three already in the case of our elders.

During these last weeks, however, I have seen some posts that talked about the lack of information about this third puncture. Opinions that in not a few cases did not criticize the vaccination campaign or refuse to receive a third dose of the vaccine for COVID-19, all they did was demand some information about a study that endorsed its effects. And, the truth is, it seems like a pretty reasonable claim. At the end of the day, if such a decision has been made, it can be understood that there will be scientific evidence to support it.

And it is that, in the absence of such information, we can draw the conclusion that this third puncture is due more to the temporality of the effects of the first two punctures, than to tests that have been able to determine that a third party makes us more resistant to COVID-19. And beware, it could also be a reasonably legitimate argument, but it would still be based on an assumption, which seems like a slightly flimsy argument to justify the decision by the health authorities.

Now, thankfully, this could be about to change. And, as we can read on Yahoo !, the first data from a study on the effectiveness of the third dose are most encouraging, to the point that the average level of antibodies to COVID-19 could be multiplied by 23 after one week from the booster dose. If you are interested in delving deeper into the study, you can find a preliminary sample of its findings here.

We do speak, yes, of a small-scale study, with data from 33 people, which were crossed with those of a total of 947 people. In addition, and as you may have already deduced, it is restricted exclusively to people who have received Pzifer-Biontech and Moderna vaccines, that is, those that use mRNA. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long to find out how effective soda punctures are with other COVID-19 vaccines.

A) Yes, once again the effectiveness of the controversial vaccines is evidenced for COVID-19. Despite the fact that the scientific community has had to face a toxic and highly malicious denial, as well as an incomprehensible politicization of vaccines, the counter with the number of people who have already received the first two doses has not stopped increasing, and those over 70 who have already received the third advance at a very good pace.

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