Covid-19 Wreaks Havoc on Pilots: Lack of Practice Makes Potentially Catastrophic Mistakes

With the progress in vaccinations against Covid-19 in different countries, flights around the world are beginning to be reactivated, that is, they begin to open more hours, a situation that causes happiness to tourists by having more offers and pilots for being close to returning to normality; but What no one expected was that on the return to the activity errors could begin due to lack of practice on top of an airplane.

After the stoppage forced by the pandemic,Some pilots are making basic mistakes when it comes to piloting the ships. El Financiero cited some cases where the pilots forget to turn on the second engine of the plane for takeoff or to lower the tires on landing, situations that could end in a catastrophic way, but in the end everything went well.

The above-mentioned errors occurred in the United States, one of the countries that has almost the entire population vaccinated against coronavirus, that is, one of the most advanced in returning to “normalcy”; but thanks to this there are some problems such as those mentioned above.

Why the errors occurred

The aforementioned errors are part of a dozen situations that were confidentially declared by pilots out of practice due to the pandemic, since in some captains spent between seven and 18 months off duty, while others were able to spend more time.

The purpose for which these errors are reported is to be stored in a database that is intended to identify potential emerging security threatsIn other words, airlines now also have to prevent that due to the stoppage of activities they have to find a way that their pilots do not forget the procedures to follow to avoid disasters.

Now it is said that the pilots themselves are afraid to fly, this due to the distrust of catching one of those ships full of passengers after 18 months where many of them had to stop piloting the planes due to lack of flights allowed at all. the world. So that some airlines have already started creating retraining programs to re-build their pilots’ confidence.

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