Cowboy Bebop: the original anime returns to Netflix

Looking forward to the debut of the live action TV series of Cowboy Bebop, the original 90s anime returns to the steaming catalog of Netflix.

The Cowboy Bebop anime again available on Netflix

The sci-fi anime television series produced by Sunrise and directed by Shinichiro Watanabe it will in fact be available, with all the 26 episodes that make it up, on October 26th in all countries where the service is active.

We will therefore return to enjoy one of the best anime ever again, following the adventures through space of Spike, Jet, Faye and Ed. This will also be a great opportunity for those who have not seen the anime or who have not had time to follow it before Netflix, which had already put it in the catalog a few years ago, removed it from the list of streaming anime.

Cowboy Bebop texture

In 2021 the accidental explosion of an experimental gate, a device that allows hyperspace travel, seriously damages the Moon, causing the drift of a swarm of asteroids and meteorites that bomb the surface of the planet Earth, exterminating a large part of the population.

Spike Spiegel, a former affiliate of the Red Dragon crime syndicate is now in partnership with Jet Black, a former ISSP investigator. The two bounty hunters who travel from planet to planet in search of criminals aboard their spaceship called Bebop.

In the course of their adventures (or misadventures), without the two wanting it, they find themselves with an enlarged crew that has three new companions: the dog Ein (a hyper-intelligent Welsh Corgi Pembroke), the provocative scammer persecuted by creditors Faye Valentine and the eccentric and brilliant preteen hacker Radical Edward.

In the course of their usually unsuccessful, inconclusive or low-profit actions, all members of the unlikely crew will have to deal with still unresolved issues of their turbulent past, marked by traumatic memories, lost memories, never cleared abandonments and troubled loves. .

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