Crazy: playing DOOM on a computer within Minecraft

Play DOOM within Minecraft

Whether or not you are a fan of DOOM, what you cannot deny is that running it on a multitude of devices and each one more different than the previous one is really striking. And not only that, for many it has become a challenge, so it seems that they are always looking where they could make it run.

During these years ago we have seen how they have played this title that revolutionized the world of video games on devices as diverse as a programmable calculator, a smart refrigerator, the GoPro drone controller, etc. There are so many that it is even hard to remember them all and surely each one has in their mind the one that most caught their attention.

Sure to curl the curl more, now DOOM runs inside another video game. In what game? Well, how could it be otherwise, that other game is Minecraft. The title that Microsoft acquired some years ago has also been the protagonists of very strange things such as recreations of movies based on bricks, etc. And when the mods were added much more, that is how it came to this that allows a PC with Windows 95 to be run within the same video game.

Well, before we told you that it is now when it has happened, but it really is not like that. It’s been a few months since it was achieved, but by chance in life it is at this precise moment when one stumbles upon those follies that only a few are capable of imagining and carrying out. And welcome, because then we can easily replicate them by having the whole process clear.

In this case, the architect of everything was uDrunkMate, a Reddit user, who managed to do run DOOM inside Minecraft thanks to the VMComputers mod. This mod allows you to enjoy what we have told you, an option that, thanks to VirtualBox, allows running a virtual machine with Windows 95 within the game itself. So, in the same way that DOOM is running, other applications could also be run.

How to run DOOM on your copy of Minecraft

I played DOOM in Minecraft with VMComputers mod. from Minecraft

As we say, thanks to these users who experiment with things as striking as these, the rest of us can enjoy them on most occasions easily later. DOOM within Minecraft is no type of exception and you only need to download the VM Computers mod from here.

Once you have it, the installation process is not very complex to say:

  1. Place the downloaded mod in the mods folder of Minecraft for PC
  2. Install VirtualBox from version 6.1
  3. Ready, you should be able to start the game and make use of this after restarting after the installation of VirtualBox

However, if you want to see the somewhat more detailed steps you can go to the page of said mod and find there answers to solve your main questions about the whole process. Of course, you could also pretend to be playing DOOM with a block-based recreation of Minecraft.

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