Crazy, this is the trailer for Netflix’s new Korean zombie series

Korea is in fashion when it comes to series and movies. Following the unprecedented smash of The Squid Game, Netflix tries to blow it up again with another series created in that country. And to try to ensure the millions of viewings, it bets on a theme that, although it is already widely seen, has not yet gone out of style: zombies. We already have a short trailer for the series and it’s pretty crazy. We tell you everything that is known about All of us are dead.

Netflix is ​​going to try to make the audiences’ lightning strike twice in the same place and, for that, this same month of January is betting on a new Korean series that attracts fans of The Squid Game.

Of course, the theme is completely different and immerses us in a world of zombies where, as the title of the series itself says, We are all dead.

The trailer for All of us are dead

As you can see above, the trailer, about 40 seconds long, has action, blood, explosions and zombies in abundance. And, in addition, it reveals the world premiere date of the series: January 28, 2022.

If you’ve seen Korean movies set around zombie holocausts (Train to Busan is a good example), the series includes some of the most typical aspects of the interpretation of the genre that is done there.

Two key characteristics is that have no mercy with the protagonists Y zombies are a quick nightmare, which moves in hordes that look like the plague of the locust and cause significant distress.

What is the Netflix series about and what is known about it

The argument of All of us are dead It is also an oriental classic, where the different genres of cinema are usually mix with a typical high school setting there.

In the series, a group of students are trapped in Hyosan High School, while a virus, which turns everyone into meat-eating zombies, ravages the world.

The Serie It is based on a web comic which, in fact, you can read online here in English, with its first 9 chapters fully translated. Yes, in korean there are more than 130 episodes, so material is not going to be missing.

In the case of the series, All of us are dead It will have 8 chapters and each of them will last around 42 minutes.

Regarding the number of seasons, at the moment only the first one has been commissioned and the rest, if any, will depend on the success of the series.

The truth is that Korea is in fashion and there is no way to kill zombies at all. Although they are already more than amortized, they live up to their name and rise again. So, in principle, All of us are dead It has all the ingredients for it to be renewed, although Netflix has an easy trigger with the series and less mercy than the undead.

As you can see, along with the new season of Kingdom, the other vintage Korean zombie series, the screen will fill with blood, undead and screaming.

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