create a 3D animated avatar with Artificial Intelligence

The uses that at this moment we can give to the different platforms based on the Artificial intelligence they are of the most varied. Furthermore, this is a sector that looks set to grow significantly over the next few years, so it has a promising future.

On other occasions we have already told you about certain AI-focused platforms that are responsible for generating texts or images automatically. All this based on certain terms that we establish and that generate those contents as if it had been done by a human being. Obviously one of the strengths of this type of online service is that we can obtain really impressive results with minimal effort. Next, we are going to talk about another very interesting case to use these Artificial Intelligences that we are talking about.

To give you an idea, we are going to show you a series of alternatives of this type that will allow you to create your own 3D animated avatar. Everything indicates that in the coming months we will be able to obtain even more spectacular results using this type of AI applications. But right now let’s see how to create our own three-dimensional avatar in a few steps.

Initially, and in order to create the character that will act as your own avatar, you could use the Midjourney Artificial Intelligence platform. This will allow us to create the three dimensional character as such using a series of terms depending on how we want it to look like. We recommend doing some tests beforehand to be able to choose the one that best suits what we are looking for.

How to give intelligence to our new 3D avatar

Next, we have to give our new avatar that we have just created a personality, obviously all this automatically thanks to these platforms that we are talking about. Therefore, in this case and since what we need now is a text, today we are going to use the popular ChatGPT where we indicate the type of character that we want to create and the length of its description.

Obviously we are also going to need an audio that is part of this new character so that it can communicate with others. Likewise, in this case we are going to use an Artificial Intelligence system specially focused on all of this. For example, we can opt for the platform called Fliki that offers us a multitude of voice tones in different languages. So we can create that audio from the previously generated text. Therefore, at this point we already have the character that will serve as the 3D avatar, with its AI generated story and reported via voice.

Now we only have to unite all these elements into one, so we are going to use a platform that is also based on Artificial Intelligence. This will allow us to animate the avatar that we have created in order to have a totally personalized 3D element, with its history and its voice. In this case, we are referring to the AI ​​application called D-ID where we only have to select the design created before in the form of a three-dimensional image and the audio that we generate with fliki.

The platform itself will already be in charge of uniting both elements and giving them animation, which is what we are really looking for in these lines.

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