Create a Castlevania-style version of Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil and Castlevania merge

Florin OcO is a user who has invested two months of work to create a very particular version of Resident Evil: Village. For this he has used the GameMaker Studio application and it must be recognized that the result is quite striking.

Residentvania, which is the name given to this particular title adapted from Capcom’s recent success, looks similar to a kind of demake, current game versions where 2D graphics replace 3D. That and having used Castlevania from the NES is what makes it look so striking.

Logically, when mixing both games, he had to do the odd variation to make it the most faithful. For example, I replaced the whip of the Castlevania protagonist with a knife and introduced some firearms like those that can be seen in the Resident Evil saga.

How to play Residentvania

Residentvania is a job that Florin OcO did for personal satisfaction, hence playing the created demo is completely free. Of course, at the time of download, you will be given the possibility to support the developer with the amount you think is appropriate.

You decide to reward or not the work done by Florin, to download the game all you have to do is visit the website. There you will find a file It weighs just 33 MP and with which you can enjoy it.

Once downloaded, it is recommended to use the 7-Zip application, you will already have the executable file to enjoy this particular proposal. Yes indeed, the executable is an .exe so you will have to use Windows to play. If you use Mac or Linux, you can use Microsoft’s operating system virtualization tools or try a Wine-like solution.

GameMaker Studio

It is possible that after seeing the result achieved with this Residentvania you have wondered if it is very difficult or not to do something like that. The answer is no, but as long as you have the necessary patience and dedication.

Through GameMaker Studio It is true that create your own video games It is more or less simple since it offers many elements that you will only have to preload. Thus, after a little research in the documentation of the app, you will know where to start.

In addition, the application offers a free version with which you will not have to pay to use either. But remember, you are not going to make a video game for three days. This sort of Resident Evil: Village demake took him two months. So patience and courage, who knows if thanks to applications like these you start with a hobby that ends up becoming your profession tomorrow or that hobby that allows you to disconnect from day to day.

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