Create and design your own calendars with the help of these programs

And it is that in many occasions calendars can be a bit bland, so the idea of ​​being able to personalize them with photos, holidays, important days, etc., can be an ideal solution. In addition, it can also be used to surprise us with a gift in an original way.

To help us with this work, we can find programs such as websites on the Internet that will precisely allow us to create and personalize our own calendars. Some are in English, others in Spanish, but, in any case, easy to use.

Webs to create calendars online

Next, we are going to see different websites through which we can create a photo calendar in a few simple steps. It will be enough to upload the image to add it to the calendar and customize its different options as it suits us. Some sites will allow us to make an annual calendar and others on a monthly basis, to be able to print them or save them as PDF.

Canva, one of the most popular design websites

We are facing one of the most popular design websites. It has its own image bank and different tools, as well as a wide collection of free templates with which to carry out works such as posters, labels, cards, collage. Of course, it also allows us to make our own designs from scratch, being able to add images and texts.

Canva create calendar

When making the photo calendar, we will have 12 designs, one for each month. It allows us to use a photo for the 12 months or we can add a different photo for each month. So we can include all 12 designs for a annual calendar or we can include specific months to make monthly calendars. Once finished we can download the file as a PDF to be able to print it.

We can try Canva to create our calendars online by clicking here.

PicallyCalendar, add personal events to the calendar

We are now talking about a free website that will allow us to easily create our own online calendars. To do this, it will only be necessary to choose a template for our calendar and then upload the photo. Once uploaded we can cut it so that it can fit and add different elements to the calendar such as selecting a country with its holidays and changing the font of the text.


An interesting function that we can add is the possibility to add personal events, so that we can have important days for us such as a birthday or our anniversary. Once our calendar is created, we can download it in PDF format and print it to have a physical copy of it. Its main drawback is that it is in English, despite this it is quite intuitive to perform.

We can try to make our calendars with PicallyCalendar for free from this link.

CalendarLabs, simple but effective to create calendar

This website has different options to create calendars both monthly and annually for any year between 1800 and 3000. The calendars are customizable and include holidays in different formats for more than 30 countries including Spain. All this for free. It will only be necessary to upload a photo from our computer or from a website through a URL. Later we select the year, month and country from our calendar.


When it comes to customizing our online photo calendar, the application will offer us the possibility to select Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week, as well as different options to include week numbers and exclude holidays in the calendar. Once finished we can see a preview of it and download it in JPG format from the context menu by clicking the right mouse button. Its main drawback is that the website is in English.

If we want to try creating our free calendars with CalendarLabs, just access their website.

FreePhotoCalendar, create any calendar in seconds

We will now talk about a free website designed to create online photo calendars. It will allow us to create the calendars in letter or A4 size. Together with the year and the month we can select the starting day of the week for the calendar, either Sunday or Monday. It also allows us to add or hide holidays, being able to select our country in case we want them to be shown.


The website has five different templates to create our calendar and add 12 photos, one for the monthly calendar page. Once the images are loaded and the calendar has been generated, we will be able to print it directly or save it as a PDF format. The end result does not show any advertising on the calendar, not even the website URL. The page is displayed in English, although it is intuitive to use. It only allows you to upload a photo as the header of the calendar.

We can create our own personalized online calendar with FreePhotoCalendar by clicking here.

101planners, complete but the most complicated to use

From this website we will be able to create our calendars online without the need to register or download any type of software. As its name suggests we will have available 101 designs that we can even mix and match, as well as 9 sizes available. We can add our own photos for each month, and it even offers us the possibility of adding photos to specific days.


We will also be able to personalize each page with text and / or icons and mark the dates we want to remember such as birthdays, anniversaries or appointments. It does not require any type of design skills to be able to create calendars, being able to create unlimited and free. Once finished we can download our calendar to be able to print it. Its main drawback is that it is in English and navigating its website is somewhat complicated, especially due to the large advertising it contains.

We can use 101planners to create our free online calendars by accessing their website.

Spark, Adobe’s tool for creating calendars

This web application developed by Adobe will allow us create and design custom calendars 12 months. We can choose from different templates and customize everything related to the calendar, including fonts, layout, colors, size and images. It has a wide range of templates so you don’t have to start with a blank canvas. We have the ability to search by platform, task, art style, tone, or color.

Adobe spark

We will also have the possibility to add animated stickers from GIPHY or apply text animations to our short format graphic videos. Once our calendar is finished we can print it directly or share it with our friends. In addition, it has a premium payment plan, which allows us to automatically add a logo, colors and fonts of a brand, something useful if we have our own corporate design.

We can use Adobe Spark to create our calendar by clicking on this link. In addition, the website is completely in Spanish.

Programs to create calendars

If we have no problem installing a program on our computer that allows us to create calendars with photos, we will also have some options to consider. Installable software options generally have more customization options.

Photo Calendar Creator, create all kinds of calendars

We are talking about a program that will help us create calendars with our own photographs to be able to print them later. It stands out for its wide versatility since it has more than 200 templates. In this way, we can create different calendars depending on the environment of this. One type of calendar for home, another for work, etc. We can find calendars of all kinds, whether table, wall or pocket, as well as create calendars for a year or a month on one or more pages.

Photo Calendar Creator

We can also choose different paper formats (A4, A3, 11 x 17, 12 x 18, etc.), so that we can choose if we want to choose several calendars on a single page or dedicate a page to a single comment. In addition, we can customize or add holidays, or important days such as birthdays or anniversaries, being able to highlight them in any color.

We can download Photo Calendar Creator from its website.

Photo Calendar Maker, with more than 250 templates

This software will allow us to create photographic calendars of different types, whether to carry them in your pocket, put them on a table or trace them on a wall. It has more than 250 templates that we can customize with photos, clipart, subtitles, etc. It will also allow us to use various types of holidays, whether regional, local, national, religious or any other that we need. With its integrated editor we can use different tools with which to create and edit our calendars in any language. We can save the results in JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PDF format, as well as share them through social networks or emails.

Photo Calendar Maker

We can download Photo Calendar Maker from this link.

PhotoCommander Free, create and design your own calendars

This time we are facing a calendar creation software that also has tools with which to edit and improve our photos. With this tool we can create calendars, photo albums, postcards, etc. When designing our calendar, we can make them of different types, either per year, half a year, three months, a month or a week. It also has a wide effect varietys, which will allow us to create exclusive and completely personalized calendars. Once our calendar is created we can export it as a file in different formats such as PNG, JPG or PDF to be able to print them later.

PhotoCommander Free

If we want to use PhotoCommander Free we can download it from here.

What website or program to use to create calendars with photos?

Creating a personalized calendar with photos with the websites that we have shown you is a simple task, so it is something that any type of user can do. Within the web options we find free proposals, so we can always try them to see which one we obtain the most appropriate and satisfactory result with. If language is a determining factor, options like Canva or Adobe spark that are in Spanish are the first ones that we should look at and try as they will surely be more feasible for us. Likewise, the rest that are in English are intuitive, so it should be a problem. Inside desktop programs Photo Calendar Creator, possibly the most powerful option, if we want to do something more creative and with a greater number of customization options, although in this case it is paid.

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