Create backup copies with Uranium Backup and protect data from hackers

We keep more and more personal files on our computer. And, although little by little we are becoming aware of the importance of backup copies, most of us continue to leave it in the background until, unfortunately, tragedy ends up happening. 2023 is not looking good for security, as hackers are on the offensive to profit at our expense. Luckily, we also have allies who can help us mitigate these attacks.

Computer attacks are getting worryingly worse in 2023. In the short time to date this year we have seen a large increase in ransomware attacks, as well as a large number of vulnerabilities in all types of systems and platforms, both for home use and, on all at a professional level. That is why, if we do not want to regret the loss of our most important data, it is necessary to have a good backup plan. And, for this, there is no one better than Uranium Backup.

Free backup plan with Uranium Backup

Uranium Backup is one of the most complete, simple and intuitive programs for making and scheduling backups that we can find. This program has everything you need to create your own backup plan, configuring and programming all the rules you want so that, once it’s running, you no longer have to worry about your data.

This program has a free version that we can use without even registering, so we have no impediment to use functions that, in general, other similar programs offer us only in their paid versions, such as:

  • Back up individual files and folders.
  • Compress data to save space.
  • Schedule automatic backups.
  • Encrypt the copies with military algorithms to prevent anyone from accessing the data.
  • Create and schedule an unlimited number of copies of copies.
  • Set up email notifications every time a copy is successfully completed.

The free version of the program can be downloaded from the official Uranium website.

Uranium Backup

Backup payment plans

In addition to the free version, users, or companies, who need more advanced additional features can also purchase one of the different paid versions, the one that best suits their needs. These versions allow us, for example, make full disk backupvirtual machines and databases, as well as integration with the cloud for backups, among many other features.

The different types of premium versions that we find are:

  • Base: 80 euros (single payment). Enables synchronization of copies, encryption, differential and incremental backups, FTP copy, hard disk images, cloud copies and tape backup in LTFS mode.
  • Pro Tape: 150 euros (single payment). All of the above, but improves support for tape backups.
  • Pro DB: 150 euros (single payment). All of the above, changing the tape support for support for database backups.
  • Pro Shadow: 150 euros (single payment). The above, changing the database backups for VSS snapshots.
  • Virtual Pro: 229 euros (single payment). The above, along with ESXi and Hyper-V backups.

In addition, we also have a gold edition which has all the features of all the premium versions (tapes, databases, snapshots, virtual machines, etc.) that we can get for 290 euros, a single payment. In this way, after buying the program we can make unlimited use of it to copy what we want, how we want and where we want.

All these premium versions only have to be paid once, they have a lifetime license and the right to both updates and technical support without having to pay a single euro more.

Do you want to try Uranium Backup GOLD? You can do it for free for 21 days without even needing to register. Just download the program, install it and start using its functions. If it suits our needs, at the end of the test days we can pay the license and continue using it for life.

Uranium Backup Professional, the subscription for professionals

One of the functions most requested by professional users was the ability to remotely control instances where the backups were made. That is why the company launched its Uranium Backup Professional infrastructure, a centralized cloud from which to control the status of all the machines where Uranium Backup is installed. We will be able to see if the clients are working, they are connected, they have made backup copies, they are pending, they have updates… an essential absolute control for our backup plan.

Uranium Backup Professional

The price of this service is 18 euros per month, billed annually. In addition, each computer must have its own copy of Uranium Backup installed (and licensed, if we are going to use its advanced features) in order to make backup copies and control it through this infrastructure.

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