Create, jumps from digital and lands on Gran Vía with its first physical store

The designer home appliance brand has opened its first physical store at number 76 Gran Vía in Madrid, after almost 4 years of experience as a digital native brand and a territorial expansion that includes all of Europe and some American countries. For this first experience of physical retailhave opted for a pop-up format It will remain open at least until March. With the aim of selling more than 16,000 items, at Create they do not rule out extending this period if the necessary conditions are met.

The store counts with more than 10 employees and 100 m2 for sale and exhibition, with more than 130 references available for sale. In addition, from the store itself, you can buy any of the brand’s products, even if they are not available there, with home delivery and thanks to its omnichannel sales model. The new Pop Up Store also has more than 300 additional m2 of warehouse.

The prices of all the exhibited items will be updated to replicate the same ones that appear on the web, so that customers can benefit from the same discounts and promotions. In addition, to celebrate the opening, this Friday the 28th 150 products will be given away to the first 150 customers. The brand now faces the Black Friday and Christmas campaigns with a double objective: on the one hand, to reach a greater number of customers who until now were unaware of the brand and its differential value proposition and, on the other, to offer a physical space where those who already know the brand, can get to know it in a physical experience

Luis MonserrateCEO of Create, has stated: “This step represents a great milestone for us as we have, for the first time, a physical space in which to make ourselves known and also where we can meet our clients. All of them can delve into the universe of the brand through a complete experience in which to interact with our products”. “This moment comes after almost 4 years of life and a history of great evolution and growth that we hope will continue to give us new challenges and reasons for celebration to continue growing.”.

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Create already has a presence in more than 10 countries through different marketing channels. This covers a good part of the European territory, highlighting markets such as Italy, France, Germany or Portugal. It has also taken its first steps in America, in countries like Mexico or Chile.

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