Create more original documents in Word by rotating the texts

At the moment when we are faced with a text editor on our computer, today we are not only limited to typing words, paragraphs and pages. Many of us need other additional functions included to get the most out of these specific programs. Precisely because of all this, the success that the proposal Microsoft Word it is beyond any doubt.

And it is that with the complexity of the software that we can use at the moment belonging to any sector, those belonging to office automation cannot be left behind. This is something that the software giant we are mentioned before is fully aware of. Therefore, it is already in charge of applying the latest functions and technological advances available to its integrated solutions in the suite. Office. Here we find programs of the importance of the editor Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

In these lines we want to focus on the powerful text editor that most of you know. In fact, it could be considered one of the most widespread and used programs in the world. With everything and with it, within the many functions that this application offers us, next, we will show how to rotate a complete text. With a little creativity and patience, this feature will allow us to design original and eye-catching documents.

It is enough that we hit the different texts on the page, formats suitable and rotate them based on the type of design we want to obtain. Therefore, you have almost lines, we will see how we can take advantage of this function and rotate different selections of the texts that are part of a Word document. But in order to carry out this movement that we are telling you about, we must first use other Microsoft editor function.

Rotate any text in your Word documents

Specifically, we refer to the fact that, in order to rotate text in a document, before we need to create a text box in which to include the characters corresponding to the paragraph that we are going to transform. This is something that we achieve in a simple way from the menu option Insert / Text Box. Here we can select between the different types and formats of this element.

Once we have the corresponding box on screen, we can now create its content in a conventional way as if it were one more text of the document. Keep in mind that entering all this in a text box, as we have told you, we will work with that content again independently of the rest. This opens up a wide range of possibilities to create more original documents if we design several of these tables. But in this case what interests us is to turn it directly from the editor.

Therefore, to achieve what we are telling you, all we have to do is place ourselves in the section Provision of the main program interface. On the right side of it, we will see a Rotate button, which is what interests us in this case.

rotate word

The most striking thing here is that we have several options to rotate that text box with its corresponding content depending on our needs. Precisely thanks to all these options we will be able to use our creativity and imagination to design more original documents in Word.

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