Create your keyboard shortcuts to open WhatsApp or Instagram in Opera

Whether functional, aesthetic or security and privacy, some browsers are characterized by being partly different from the rest. For example, if we focus on the privacy section, there is no doubt that Tor Browser is the undisputed leader. All this despite many other shortcomings compared to its competitors that it presents to us. However, Google Chrome, firefox and Edge They continue to be the most widely used. But we cannot leave aside an interesting alternative that has been with us for many years, such as Opera.

As we mentioned, this is a proposal that makes certain very interesting functions available to us for free that we do not see in the rest. In addition, we will also find various differentiating elements in your user interface. This is something that, for example, we see right away as soon as we start the browser and access its default home page. With all this, the heads of this program try to attract new customers and keep the ones they already have.

To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, in terms of security Opera offers us its own VPN. This virtual private network service will serve to significantly increase privacy when moving around the Internet with this program when activating the function.

Open WhatsApp or Instagram in Opera with your own shortcuts

But that’s not all, since the browser offers us other very interesting functions that we hardly find in other direct competitors. For example, in the initial interface when we start the application we find direct access to commonly used online platforms. Here we meet instant messaging services What Facebook MessengerTelegram, WhatsApp and more. The same happens with the popular social network based on photos and videos, Instagram.


This allows us, after authentication on the corresponding platforms, to access our accounts from the browser itself. There is no doubt that these icons that we find by default in Opera are very interesting and used by many users around the world. In fact, the developers of the program allow us to assign a series of custom shortcuts to start these online services.

For all these reasons, we will now show you how you can assign these key combinations. We can use them to open the aforementioned services WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Instagram, among others. For all this, the first thing we do is launch the aforementioned browser and take a look at the lower left corner of its main interface. Here we find a button represented by three horizontal points on which we click.

In the section called messengers we find the platforms available in Opera, along with another button with dots, which we also click on.

shortcuts operates

Now we will see an option that appears called configure shortcuts, which is what we are looking for and we are interested in in this case. In the window that appears we will already have the possibility of establishing the key combinations that interest us to access each of these platforms or Internet services.

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