Creating a Game Boy game in 2023? It is possible, without knowing how to program and you can also sell it

The first truly portable console that sold millions of units worldwide was the Game Boy, the console Nintendo’s most iconic for many users, a console that, if we have begun to comb gray hair and we like video games, it is more than likely that we have had one in the past. Enjoying the titles that were released for this console again is very easy thanks to the large number of Game Boy emulators.

But, if we have tired of always enjoying the same games, we are creative, we have free time and we are looking for a hobby that we really like, we should consider the possibility of create our own video games for the Game Boyregardless of whether or not we have programming knowledge, since they are not necessary, with the GB Studio application.

What is GB Studio?

GB Studio is an application that allows us to create games visually, just as, for example, we can create a powerpoint slide, but with many more options. We can select which elements we want to be fixed objects in the image and which ones we want to move, establishing what type of movement they can have, always based on the limitations offered by the Game Boy.

background image We can create most of the games with any editing application and, later, import them into the application, based on the range of colors that the console supported, both the monochrome model and the color model that hit the market a few years later.

GB Studio is a fantastic tool for creating graphic adventures like those of yesteryear with a top-down view. Don’t expect to be able to create fighting games or other types of action, since not being able to use code in the design process greatly limits the possibilities. From its website, we can access a complete tutorial in PDF format that will allow us to know each and every one of the possibilities that this Game Boy game creator makes available to us.

With the GB Studio application, creating video games for the Game Boy and enjoying them on our PC, tablet or mobile phone is very easy, games that we can also sell so that other lovers of this mythical Nintendo console also have the opportunity to enjoy them at through eBay, Itch and other platforms. The games that we can create with GB Studio can be easily shared with our friends directly from the application itself. We also have the option to save them as ROMs to use in any emulator or, convert it to HTML 5 format to enjoy these on any browser, both mobile and desktop.

GB Studio

GB Studio is an open source application completely free which is available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, macOS, and Linux. The latest version of this application is number 3.1, a version that we can download directly from its website, which we can access by clicking on this link.

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