Creative Chat USB, analysis: for work and play

When our passion is not gaming and our computer shares tasks with work, it is best to have multipurpose accessories. In this sense, a resultona option to play and very suitable for videoconferencing, are the new Creative Chat USB. Creative professional headsets that can also be connected to game consoles such as the PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch thanks to its connector USB-C.

Creative Chat USB Specifications

Connector type USB – C. Includes USB -A adapter
Microphone Noise Canceling Capacitor x1
Controls Volume, microphone mute, playback control, call control, microphone monitoring
Mute function (Turn to mute) Included
Micromonitoring Included
Software for Windows 10 users Creative app (SmartComms Kit, customizable graphic equalizer)

40mm neodymium driver

Frequency response
Cable length

€ 49.99

This is a wired over-ear headphones, they do not cover the entire ear but the pad is large and thick enough that it gives a quite satisfactory noise cancellation effect like to listen to conversations or music without any problem.

The microphone is rigid, we can pick it up and turn it off by turning it up, which is very useful to know if we are silenced or not. We also have the option of controlling some functions, such as the microphone, from the cable remote. This remote has four buttons, on the front we have a button to activate or deactivate the microphone, this button lights up when the headphones are on and the microphone is deactivated.

Creative Chat USB Review: For Work and Play 34

It has another button underneath to pick up the call or put the music on pause and that also, if it is pressed for a few seconds, it turns the headphones on or off. The problem with this specific function is that we do not have any lighting that tells us if the helmets are on or off and as the cable is somewhat long we must be careful not to press this button by mistake, which in a call can be a great inconvenience. . On the sides we have two volume buttons for the headphones.

Creative Chat USB Review: For Work and Play 36

One of the differential characteristics of the Creative Chat USB is its connection system, these helmets are designed to be used with any device so they are connected through USB-C, which will allow us to connect them directly to a mobile, laptop or console. But since Creative understands that this type of headphones are used more in the computer, they include a USB-A adapter so that we can use it on any other device.

Smartcomms Kit Software

For Windows 10 users Creative makes available the software of SmartComms, an application that allows you to better modify and control the Creative Chat USB features. The application can be downloaded from its website and will allow us to modify the equalization of the Creative Chat USB.

In the sound modes option we can modify the stereo, the crystallizer, the bass and the volume of the dialogues. You also have a choice of intelligent volume that changes automatically the volume depending on whether it is day or night. It also has an equalizer option that allows us to select already predetermined modes depending on the type of music we are going to listen to and also specific games such as Ciberpunk 2077 or DOTA 2.

In the playback modes we can choose the audio quality with the 16-bit options with 48000 Hz, 44100 Hz, 48000 Hz and 96000 Hz. It also gives us the option to test the stereo to verify that it works correctly.


Without wanting to take the surname Gaming, the Creative Chat USB are quite versatile headphones that provide good audio quality and very powerful isolation that allows us to concentrate on what we want. In this type of headphones, I positively value that the way to silence us is simple and indicative. The Creative Chat USB offer this possibility in two ways with a button that lights up in red when we are connected or raising the microphone itself. The only pity is that both systems are not synchronized, that is to say that if we have the microphone raised, the mute button will not light up. It is a very minor detail but it gives us more information when we are in an important meeting to know if we are being listened to or not.

On the other hand, it is a great success that Creative has opted for multi-device helmets, it shows that it has paid attention to its users. Even so, I think that the system of connection to the PC through an extra adapter can be very dangerous and end in accidental losses, to avoid this, a cable divided in two at the end could have been chosen.

These helmets cost € 49.99 and can be purchased on the Creative website.

Creative Chat USB


Multi-device and off-road helmets that will give you a good service for videoconferences and casual games.

Design and build quality9

Installation and software10

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