Creative Outlier Free Pro, resistant and with integrated MP3 player

Just yesterday the Creative Outlier Free was launched, headphones based on bone conduction that were presented as a very interesting option for athletes, and today the Taiwanese company has surprised us with the Creative Outlier Free Pro, a superior version to the previous one that also uses bone conduction and that stands out for having a integrated MP3 player.

Those of you who are used to doing sports already know how annoying it can be to have to go from one place to another with the MP3 playerand the work involved in controlling the charge level of this and the headphones so as not to run out of battery at the worst possible moment.

With the Creative Outlier Free Pro all this is a thing of the past. No more having to charge two devicessince headphones and player are integrated into one, and this offers a battery life of up to ten hours, so You won’t have to worry about charging it every day.

Creative Outlier Free Pro

I know what you’re thinking, what if I forget to load Creative Outlier Free Pro? You will have nothing to worry about, since they are compatible with fast charging, which means that just by charging them for 10 minutes you can get up to two hours of autonomy. Recharge them while you get dressed and finish packing your bag and that’s it, with that margin you’ll have enough autonomy for your training session.

Creative has taken maximum care in the design and ergonomics of these headphones, which They are made of silicone and titanium., and that are capable of offering a memory effect to achieve a perfect fit to our head. They won’t move out of place, and they are so light (31.5 grams) that we will forget that we are wearing them.

The bone conduction technology that Creative has used in these headphones allows sound waves to be transmitted directly to the ears. For it small vibrations are used in the temporal region of the skull, right next to the ear, as we can see in the cover image, which are only perceived by the user. This has an important advantage over classic headphones, and that is that they do not cover the ear, which means that with them we can listen to our favorite music without isolating ourselves from the outside.

Creative Outlier Free Pro

With Creative Outlier Free Pro we can listen to music and be aware of what surrounds uswith the security that this implies if we go for a run outside or if we bike outdoors, and we will also be able to talk with our gym mates without having to pause the playback every so often.

The integrated MP3 player has a capacity of 8GB, which means that we can install up to 2,000 songs, and it is also compatible with the formats WAV, APE and FLAC. The Creative Outlier Free Pro have the IPX8 certifiedwhich means that they are waterproof (you can swim with them), use the Bluetooth 5.3 standard and can connect with up to two devices simultaneously.

The Creative Outlier Free Pro are priced at 179.99 euros, but they can be purchased temporarily with a discount of 50 euros on the official Creative website.

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