Creative Sensemore Air, small but very big

I’ve never been much of a fan, I admit, of in-ear headphones, but I’ll also say that models like these Creative Sensemore Air make me rethink my position a lot. And it is that the level of sound quality that has already been achieved in these devices, which are becoming smaller and more ergonomic, sometimes makes me wonder if going out with headphones the size of ensaimadas is still the best option.

And what is it that makes you find them so interesting? Well, let’s start by looking at its name Creative Sensemore Air, more specifically Sensemore, the name chosen by Creative for a new technology that substantially improves the experience of using them, by making it unnecessary for us to take them off to, for example, have a conversation. And you may think that I am talking about the Ambient mode, already present in other headphones of the brand, but this is not the case, in this case it goes one step further.

With it, users will enjoy absolute control over the level of sound, coming from outside, that they want to hear. And it is that, of course, we do not want the same level of isolation when we walk down the street that, for example, when we enter a store and start a conversation with the clerk. Thus, to guarantee that we will not lose detail, the Sensemore mode is 5 times more sensitive than the Ambient mode.

Thus, the audio options of these Creative Sensemore Air, in terms of environmental sound, are Sensemoreto allow interactions with the «outside world», the mode Ambientwhich filters part of the external sound but not all of it, to prevent acoustic signals, warnings and others from going unnoticed, putting our safety at risk and, for absolute, or at least very deep, isolation, the way of active noise cancellation, capable of filtering practically everything that comes from outside. Let’s remember an important point in this regard, and that is that all modes can be adjusted to our preferences.

To ensure sound quality, the headphones have with high-performance 6-millimeter biocellulose speakers that, in conjunction with the design of the rest of the earphone, are able to provide balanced and enveloping mid and low tones, as well as distortion-free highs. However, and since each person likes the sound in a specific way, the control app has an equalizer in which we can choose between the preset modes or a personalized setting. To capture external sound, either for filtering or if we use them to have a conversation, they integrate four microphones, two to capture the voice during calls and the other two for active noise cancellation.

Another strong point is its autonomy, and that is that with a full charge of the headphones and the case, the Creative Sensemore Air can provide an autonomy of up to 35 hours. To achieve this, a key point is its connectivity, based on Bluetooth 5.2 LE, that is, the low consumption specification that, however, does not affect the quality of the sound reproduced with them.

Other notable features are its IPX5 certificationwhich indicates that we can use them even when we practice sports or any other activity that makes us sweat, and that the touch control functions of its surface can be configured, at will, by the user.

The Creative Sensemore Air headphones are already on sale on the manufacturer’s website, and their price is €99.99.

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