Creative Stage Air V2 wireless sound bar, do I buy it?

Unboxing and external analysis

Like the previous version, this sound bar is packed in a rectangular hard cardboard box, on the main face of which we can see an image of the device along with its name and its main outstanding features. On the back we have a description in different languages ​​and a couple of images showing us the profiles of the device.

Let’s start with the accessories. In this case, Creative includes several pamphlets with instructions for use, safety information and etc., as well as two cables: one analog with a 3.5 mm minijack connector on each end to connect an auxiliary audio source (for example, the PC ), and another USB to charge the battery. In this case, the charging cable has USB-C at the end of the device (instead of microUSB as in V1).

Creative Stage Air V2

Out of its packaging, here you can see the Creative Stage Air V2, an aesthetically sober black soundbar with a front metal mesh and a combination of matte and glossy black plastic on the rest of the body.

Creative Stage Air V2

On the front, only the manufacturer’s logo stands out on the left side, but later we will see that once it is turned on, on the right side we will find an LED status indicator.

Creative Stage Air V2

Let’s go to the back, where you can better appreciate that glossy piano black finish. Personally, for a “portable” device that you are going to be touching constantly, I would not have chosen a glossy finish because it is very dirty in the sense that handprints are left very easily.

Creative Stage Air V2

In this area, we only find the USB-C power connector and the auxiliary audio input on the left.

Creative Stage Air V2

On the right side is where Creative has arranged the controls, which are essentially the on and off button, the Bluetooth connection button, and the volume up and down controls. These buttons are rubberized.

Creative Stage Air V2

Finally, in the lower part Creative has provided two non-slip rubber inserts so that the device not only does not move from its place, but also absorbs the vibrations produced by the sound emitted by the speakers.

Changes from the previous Creative Stage Air

There is not much more to see in the previous section, so we are going to show you how it is compared to the previous model. The two Stage Airs have the same power and the same battery, and aesthetically they only change a little in reality.

As you can see, this V2 is a little narrower but with a more elongated shape… the weight is similar in both, so we can’t say that the changes are substantial either.

How does this sound bar sound?

The time has come to see how the Stage Air V2 sounds, and for this what we have done is link it via bluetooth with a smartphone, since in the end this is what most users will want to do with a wireless sound bar, No? When doing so, voice messages (in English) will confirm the connection status, and the LED on the right will light up.

Creative Stage Air V2

The audio performance is as expected, since as we said before, technically there have been no substantial changes with respect to the first version. This translates into sounds with good mids and lows, with fairly decent nuances and a sound at maximum volume that, although not thunderous, should be more than enough to, for example, set the scene for a pool party in your house.

Again, we are pleased to see that Creative has tuned the bass sounds, and although this sound bar provides 2.0 stereo sound, they have a passive subwoofer that allows bass sounds to be emphasized, making the resulting audio richer. and “full”. However, we were a bit disappointed to see that there is no change in terms of audio quality if we compare this soundbar with the previous version, which costs 25 Euros less.

As Creative says, this sound bar can perfectly be used on a PC and is designed, in fact, to be placed under the monitor. The changes in its shape must be precisely to fit better, and in our case it fits perfectly. The bad thing about using this product on a PC is that you will have to connect the USB power constantly because otherwise the battery will be exhausted, but at the same time you will have to connect it through the analog audio cable; In other words, the USB is only for charging, it is not only valid with the USB to have audio on the PC.

Conclusion and verdict

The Creative Stage Air V2 continues to be an excellent choice for all those users who are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker with very good audio quality and good battery life, since considering its power, 6 hours of duration is not bad at all.

Stage Air V2 Dimensions

However, we cannot forget that it is a sound bar, shaped like a bar, and really the reason for having a wireless Bluetooth speaker is to be able to use it wherever you want, so this shape and size can make it a bit uncomfortable. However, to put it under the PC monitor it is the perfect size, although we would have liked the USB-C port to not only be for charging but also to have audio directly on the PC with a single cable.

In short, the product is very good, but really for 25 Euros less you have the previous version and the only substantial change is that it uses Bluetooth 4.2 instead of 5.3. All in all, we think the product is good, and for that we give it our Gold award.


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