CreatorsLab: Qonto events to address the phases of creating a business

On March 15, the fintech Qonto will start a series of free events that will address the different phases of the process of creating a company: from validating an idea to attracting financing.

The five sessions of which it is composedCreatorsLab”, the name with which the neobank has baptized the cycle of meetings, will go hand in hand with the most specialized partners in the market in each subject.

In the first event, which will feature founderz -the leading school of online entrepreneurship-, and will deal with on ideation and validation of a business project; in April a bootcamp will be held in Madrid, also by Founderz; In May, Finutive in Barcelona will discuss topics related to with tax advice and notarial processes; the fourth of the series will be focused on the search for financing and the fifth and final will feature different successful entrepreneurs who will share how their path in the entrepreneurial career has been.

in 2022 a total of 90,000 companies were created in Spain and searches related to “how to undertake or steps to undertake” increased by more than 900% in Google. As explained by Carles Marcos, Country Manager of Qonto Spain “The main reason for not starting a business is the lack of knowledge about how to start. The data shows that the appetite for entrepreneurship is high and no one doubts the existing potential. The bureaucratic obstacles, fortunately minimized with the new Law Create and Grow -and the entry of digital operators in the market, like us-, and ignorance are clearly the brake “.

In fact, according to the latest data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report, fear of business failure is the main obstacle for 64% of the Spanish population, a percentage well above the rest of the world average of 47%. In the words of Marcos, Qonto Country Manager, “the only way to combat fear is with knowledge and training. Until recently, in fact, there was no specific discipline for entrepreneurs in Spain, something on which all the actors that make up the ecosystem are working intensively”.

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To facilitate the attendance of as many interested parties as possible, each and every one of the free events will be broadcast via streaming and will be registered on the platform itself.

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