Crello or Canva, which is more complete for graphic design?

Thanks to the current equipment and the available programs and platforms, more and more users want to enter the graphic design sector. We have a huge number of alternatives, many of them free, to start with this type of work. Next, we are going to focus on two of the most popular, such as Crello and Canva.

A few years ago this type of work was carried out by a few professionals who had the necessary means. However, in these times any mid-range team and an enthusiastic user can start creating their own design projects. Next, we are going to talk about two platforms that we can use for these purposes and that also offer us their functionality through the web browser.

Crello select template

It is worth mentioning that both proposals share that they are suitable both for new users in these conflicts, and for other more professional ones. In fact, they could be considered quite similar both in their operation and in their appearance. But with everything and with it there are some differentiating points that will make us opt for one option or another. With everything and with it so much crello What Canvas are two online platforms to carry out very interesting graphic designs of their own.

Similarities and differences between Crello and Canva

  • A twin user interface: many users confuse these two Design programs due to the similarity they find in their user interface. This is something that is extended to both the screen that we find at startup and the editing desktop.
  • The templates, keys in both programs: from the beginning in both work desks we find a series of templates that serve as a basis for our designs. The platforms offer us a series of pre-designed samples so that we can get started with our projects as soon as possible. The only thing that varies slightly here is the placement of the menus and selectable options. However, we must take into account that the number of options available in this regard in Canva are far superior. We have a good number of templates for all kinds of use, while Crello is more limited.
  • Canva save your projects: if we take into account that we work here from the web browser, the storage of projects is very important. We tell you this because the proposal called Canva has a auto save function that can save us more than one disappointment.
  • Add photos to design work: It is not necessary to point out that the images in this type of projects are very important elements. It must be said that both proposals allow us to upload our own content so that it becomes part of our designs. However, it is worth knowing that Canva by default presents us with a good amount of samples of this type to use. This is something that many will surely appreciate to get going as soon as possible.
  • collaborative works: Another section that we must take into consideration here is that Crello initially focuses on individual work. On the contrary, the Canva design program does allow us to carry out work in collaborative mode with a limited number of users.

Create a Christmas card with Canva

Once we have seen all this that we have told you, in most cases the Canva option is more interesting and complete to carry out design work. In short, it offers us a greater number of templates, collaborative workphotos to use by default, or auto save.

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