Criminal brutally beats 60-year-old woman to steal her backpack: VIDEO

A video was broadcast on social networks that has caused outrage among the population of Argentina Due to the moment in which a cowardly criminal brutally attacks a 60-year-old woman who caught him robbing a dental office located in the neighborhood of La Paternal, in Buenos Aires, so below we tell you everything we know about this unfortunate episode.

According to the data from the recording captured by the security cameras of the dental office located on the streets of San Martín and Espinosa of the La Paternal neighborhood in the Argentine capital, the events occurred around the 7:00 am last Thursday, November 25 and according to reports, Pink, As the 60-year-old woman is called, she was cleaning the place like every day when a subject entered the office to see what could be stolen and the first thing he found on hand was the backpack of the employee, who at that time surprised the ampon and faced him with a broom.

When he was surprised and attacked by the woman, the thief reacted violently and after “disarming” her, he pulled her to the office where he brutally beat her repeatedly, while Rosa all she could do was scream, but no one I’m listening. It is worth mentioning that, despite the terrifying beating he received, the older adult was able to protect her belongings and the thief ran out of the premises with nothing in his hands.

Rosa loses several teeth after the attack

After the ruthless attack of the 60-year-old woman, it transpired that she lost several teeth and suffered some injuries to her face, in addition, it was reported that she filed a formal complaint with the authorities and it was thanks to the video captured by the cameras video surveillance of the office that they were able to identify the aggressor, who days later He was arrested to answer to the law for his cowardly act.

“Zero tolerance for the violent. Thanks to the rapid action of the Buenos Aires Police, we arrested the criminal in the Fraga Settlement who beat up a 60-year-old woman to steal her backpack, ”was the statement from Marcelo D’Alessandro, Minister of Justice and Security of the capital of Argentina.

The identity of the thief was not disclosed and it was not specified what his current legal situation is, so it is expected that it will be in the following hours or days when it is reported what was the resolution of the Argentine authorities in this case that generated a wave of outrage among the population. For its part, Rosa, 60, is recovering from injuries sustained and assured for various local media that he has been working in the office for many years and that he had never had to go through a situation of this type, so He said he was afraid to go back to work.


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