Cristiano Ronaldo in Ted Lasso? Agreement with the Premier

Ted Lasso and the Premier League

Set in the UK professional football league, in Ted Lasso we enjoy the adventures of AFC Richmond, a modest football club that has been put in the hands of an American football coach. What at first seemed like a dirty move to end the club’s history, seems to finally become the best thing that could happen to the team. Thus begins that fantastic relationship between club and coach, a story that has hooked many subscribers to the Apple service and that recently managed to win several Emmys.

The jump to the elite

With these awards and this impact he is getting among the public, Ted Lasso is growing by leaps and bounds, and the best example is in his latest movement. The series has managed to seize the rights to the lucrative license of the Premier League, which will allow you to be even more realistic and get winks and details that take the series to an even more credible plenary session.

And it is that, thanks to this agreement, the scriptwriters and producers will be able to make use of graphics, shields of real teams, names of tournaments and competitions and everything that has to do with the Premier League, which would allow us to see stories with the implication from real professional league clubs, including professional players as well.

What can we expect?

In the last chapters of the current season 2 we have seen how BBC Sports commentators Thierry Henrry and Gary Lineker make several appearances to bring the timeline of the series to real life, so this new agreement will serve for the next season 3 feel even more real with events and teams that we can see every weekend on TV.

The agreement includes the possibility of making use of the official kits, so now, many more teams will be able to appear in the chapters in a more implicit and visual way. This obviously could imply the appearance of some media star of the league, something that could benefit both parties, both the series, as well as the player and the club for which he plays.

At the moment the only thing known about it is that the show has paid 500,000 pounds to get the rights, so we will have to wait until next season 3 to discover what new surprises Ted and his Richmond will bring us. Will we see Cristiano Ronaldo in the corridors of the local stadium? I’m sure that next season will offer us a lot of surprises related to many top-level teams, so we are looking forward to seeing what comes out of this deal as soon as possible. Of course, to get there we will have to finish the second season, whose last episode will be available next Friday, October 8.

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