Cryptocurrency: antivaxers want to make their sperm the new Bitcoin

A group of developers called Unvaxxed Sperm has created a cryptocurrency indexed to … the value of the sperm and eggs of unvaccinated people. In their eyes, the vaccine renders patients sterile. In fact, they are convinced that this token will soon be worth a small fortune and that it will be used to save humanity. An entire program.

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With 5G and the Covid-19 vaccine, conspiracy theories have never been so popular. This is evidenced by the recent attacks against 5G antennas, not to mention the various high-handed stories circulating on the web and which claim, for example, that the vaccine modifies our DNA or makes us sterile.

In the USA, the anti-ax movement has taken on a new dimension. Indeed, a group of developers baptized Unvaxxed Sperm just launched in early December 2021 a cryptocurrency. Nothing very extraordinary you will say to me, at a time when digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are snapping up at the price of gold. However, this token has one particularity: it is indexed to the value of the sperm and eggs of unvaccinated people.

Bitcoin for antivax

This cryptocurrency, considered by its developers as the Bitcoin of antivax, is based on a belief that the Covid-19 vaccine renders sterile. According to them, the seed of unvaccinated people will be worth a fortune when people finally realize the damage the vaccine has done to their ability to procreate. Of course, this theory has no basis, especially as many scientific studies have confirmed the absence of adverse effects of the vaccine on reproduction.

Unvaxxed Sperm therefore launched a little over a week ago nuBTC cryptocurrency, who has also known an explosion of its price of 150% on the night of December 2 to 3, 2021. From now on, its value stagnates around 0.00028 cents. Even so, nuBTC followers remain convinced that they are sitting on a gold mine.

unvaxxed sperm
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A cryptocurrency to support antivax ideas

According to “Fauci” (in reference to Doctor Fauci, the White House’s special advisor on the pandemic), one of the currency’s developers, this project is not a scam and does not seek to be make money on the backs of antivax. Proof of this is according to him, since “seven cryptocurrency veterans”Actively advise him to make nuBTC thrive. Strangely, none of them wanted to give their identity.

What arouse suspicion as our colleagues from Vice point out to “Fauci”. For him, anonymity is an integral component of cryptocurrencies. In itself, man is not wrong, the identity of the creator of Bitcoin still remaining a secret after all these years. Nevertheless, this aspect of the crypto-culture has allowed many developers to leave with the cashier without fear of retaliation, like this scam mounted around the crypto Squid Game.

unvaxxed sperm
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And if the primary objective of nuBTC remains to make money, the developers of Unvaxxed Sperm especially hope “using this currency to draw people into their anti-vaccine community, with big development plans that include a “pure” version of Tinder, a frozen sperm bank and a mysterious project called “Project Super Sperm”, explains Vice.

According to them, the idea to create Unvaxxed Sperm came from the success of the cryptocurrency “Let’s Go Brandon”, itself derived from a popular slogan of the anti-Biden right-wing American electorate. “It really showed me that the political movement can kind of happen on the blockchain. You can really organize yourself on the blockchain and that’s a much harder thing to crack down on just because of the decentralized nature of it all ”, Fauci assures Vice.

Crypto is just the start for Unvaxxed Sperm

For Unvaxxed Sperm, the launch of this cryptocurrency is just the beginning. The next step will be the creation of a DAO, or a decentralized autonomous organization, thanks to which investors will be able to give their opinion and vote on the various actions that the group will have to carry out (in particular the financing of certain movements or people likely to adhere to the ideas of Unvaxxed Sperm thanks to the money obtained by nuBTC).

We find in this list of supports and potential partners notable doctors, influencers and crooks, all obviously antivax. As said above, the developers also want to launch a version of Tinder for “purebloods”, in reference to the term used in the books Harry potter.

The next step will be the deployment of “the liberty apothecary”During the first half of 2022. It will be an online market where users can buy“medical supplements and drugs”Deemed effective by Unvaxxed Sperm against Covid-19. Without surprise, all these miracle cures have been failed by scientific authorities. At the end of 2022, it will be the turn of the operation “Noah’s ark“, Which consists of the creation of a bank of unvaccinated sperms and ova. Resources that “will be necessary for the continuity of the human race”According to Jason, one of the developers of Unvaxxed Sperm.

Source: Vice

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