Cryptocurrency mining would drain AMD CPUs for users

A new avalanche looms over the world of desktop PCs and possibly servers as well, and that is that according to a new report crypto miners have new victims: AMD Ryzen CPUs. The graphics card market will change with RDNA 3 and at the same time with Zen 3+ and its successors, because Raptoreum is lurking and will leave a lot where previously there were shelves full of processors to sell.

What does a miner do when they have no available GPUs or ASICs? How does it have to move when the price is so absurd that even with units it far exceeds the minimum profitability to mine? Very easy, put your eye on other cryptocurrencies that are profitable. Money does not understand political parties, countries, companies, teams or users, that is why crypto miners move and now focus their eyes on AMD processors.

Cryptocurrencies flee from ASICs: Raptoreum


Raptoreum is a new cryptocurrency that has a very simple premise: end the ASIC or FPGA mining domain. For this, this coin focuses on the CPU mining method thanks to the algorithm Ghostrider, which is at the same time a combination of Cryptonite and x16r with some significant changes in the encoding.

What does this mean? Well, the work basically benefits from a larger L3 cache because the algorithm has more interactions with the cores. Therefore, miners have focused on Threadripper and EPYC processors, a good example being the 7742, but above all and surprisingly the Ryzen CPUs.

This is because GhostRider is modeled after Proof-Of-Work Of which we have already spoken before and logically, as with RX GPUs, the Infinity Cache is decisive to achieve higher performance.

The Ryzen start to run low


If the current Ryzen 9s such as the 5950X or 5900X are already becoming scarce due to their high performance and large 64 MB L3 cache (4247 h / s and 3557 h / s respectively) what comes with the following Zen architectures is going to be awesome, because precisely one of the improvements is the V-Cache, which will drastically increase the size of it in general.

This is even more enhanced if we take into account that Milan-X will arrive with 768 MB of L3, so imagine the computing power with a dual socket system and how palatable it will be to miners.


Right now the market is only reducing prices and therefore the sales of the two Ryzen 9s are high, which added to the crypto mining makes the stock minimal or null. The Threadripper begin to suffer the same and the EPYC arrive in counted units.

The biggest problem will come with Zen 3+ and Zen 4, where it is more than likely that we will enter the dynamics of scarcity and speculation, because they are more energy efficient, they have cores to spare and logically those 192MB of L3 They are more than succulent for the price they are going to have.

Will Intel win the battle over the AMD CPU shortage? Will it be impossible to acquire a Zen 3+ at a price even close to MSRP? We will seeā€¦

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