Curiosities: how would Spotify be in Windows 2000 and updates

Today the morning has been marked by Audacity, who has begun with its massive spying on users, and by a novelty in Chrome thanks to which the browser will start to load more quickly. However, today we also find other news and curiosities that we want to echo, curiosities like the one we are going to see below.

Sure you use Spotify, but what would it have been like in Windows 2000?

Spotify it has become an essential program for many users. Many spend their long hours at work, or at leisure, listening to music. The impact of this platform has been such that it has even ended the downloading of music, one of the biggest problems in the industry until a few years ago.

This client of streaming music it is intended for modern operating systems. Where this program has been used the most has been in Windows 7 (in its beginnings) and currently in Windows 10, not counting mobile devices. However, what would this client have looked like if it had existed in the era of Windows ME or Windows 2000?

This Reddit user has imagined his own client for these classic operating systems. As we can see, in a way reminds the Winamp interface, opening each of the elements in different windows. In one we can see the search engine, in another the connection window, the player, the searches, etc.

Spotify Windows 2000

There are those who defend the use of separate windows (how GIMP works in its beginnings) and others who prefer to have everything within the same window. Fortunately, the current Spotify client is much more practical and intuitive.

Programs with updates

Today Audacity has been updated to version 3.0.3, a version that brings with it several improvements, but which are covered by the launch of telemetry by MuseGroup. In addition, we can also find other program updates thanks to which we can use the PC in the best possible way.

  • XMedia Recode– Completely free video converter for Windows. This program includes all the necessary codecs to be able to convert all types of audio and video. The new version of this program updates many of the included codecs and activates new functions in the H265. We can download this version from the following link.
  • Bandicam: complete program to make game recordings, as well as to record the computer screen or take screenshots. The new version 5.2.1 Build 1860 now remembers the size of the previous recordings and the last codec used. We can download this program from here.
  • Glary Utilities– Complete alternative to Ccleaner to clean and optimize Windows. The new version optimizes many of the program’s tasks, adds compatibility with new software, and fixes some small bugs. We can download this version from its website.
  • TeamViewer: the fastest and easiest client to connect remotely to any PC over the Internet and use it as if we were sitting in front of it. The new version 15.20.3 includes two new features: the possibility of installing Patch Management and Remote Device Monitoring through MSI and installing a VPN driver. Additionally, it also fixes a bug that caused the option to boot the client alongside Windows to not work properly. We can download this version from here.

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