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The unmistakable sign that Christmas has arrived is found when the television begins to program Christmas movies, the streets of our city are filled with lights, Christmas greetings and the shopping malls are filled with people as if Christmas were about to end. world. If we like Christmas and we don’t want our PC to feel discriminated against, we can add everything from trees with lights to garlands, making it snow on the desktop or even adding a countdown to Christmas.

Windows has always been characterized by offering a large number of options when it comes to customizing its aesthetics and operation. If we don’t want our PC to be left out of Christmas or we want it to be present in our daily lives during this time of year, especially if we have to work, we can use these applications to decorate our Windows desktop with Christmas motifs.

How much is left for Christmas

In the Microsoft Store we can find 2 applications that allow us to add a countdown for Christmas Day and the end of the year.

Christmas Time Pro

Christmas Time Pro is an application that allows us to show the countdown of the days, hours, minutes, and seconds that remain until it arrives Christmas Day. Unlike other applications, we cannot use it to show the time remaining until the end of the year.

Christmas Time Pro
Christmas Time Pro

Christmas Countdown

Unlike the previous application, with The Christmas Countdown we can set the time left until both Christmas Day and the end of the year. In addition, it includes an advent calendar that will not be of much use to us on these dates, but it will be for future years. The advent calendar includes links to different Christmas-themed YouTube videos.

Christmas Countdown
Christmas Countdown

Christmas lights

What would Christmas be without its traditional lights? With this application, we can decorate the screen of our computer so that the top part shows the typical Christmas lights They light up and go off randomly.

christmas desk lights

The app is displayed on top of all apps and not just on the desktop. We can download this application completely free of charge through this link.

Christmas trees

Thanks to this application, we can add different types of Christmas trees, with their corresponding lights that turn on and off. This application, like the previous one, is displayed above all the applications that we have open on our computer, although we can modify the configuration so that it only makes its presence on the desktop and we can move it to any part of the screen so that it bother as little as possible.

animated christmas tree


If we live in an area where snow does not make an appearance, we can use these two applications to bring them to our PC.

Christmas Taksbar

Thanks to the Christmas Taskbar application, we can make it snow on the Windows taskbar in a discreet but very attractive way, especially if the color of the taskbar is dark. We can download this application through this link.

snowing taskbar

Snowflake Cursor

With the Cursor Snowflakes application, we can add a trail of snow to the movement of our cursor, giving it a very successful Christmas touch. The download and of this application is completely free.

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