Cyber ​​attacks on the Public Administration increase in the midst of its digital transformation

It happened last May, in Navarra. A total of 136 municipalities suffered severe cyberattacks that caused websites to crash and the loss of access to municipal emails and a huge amount of information. However, this is not an isolated case. More and more public administrations are subject to this type of threat. Hackers or computer hackers not only attack the private company. The public has too much valuable information not to be the object of these attacks and theft of information.

The ways of proceeding can be very varied, from DDoS attacks, to phishing cases or the popular ransomware, and threats can come from anywhere in the world. A situation that is complicated -and will become more so- with the necessary digital transformation by administrations. More and more town halls have an electronic headquarters and the possibility of submitting documentation online, a real advance. But also a context that, of course, requires a greater commitment to the security of said data. The greater digitization, the greater exposure to cyber threats.

Praim, a company specializing in IT solutions for the public sector and government institutions, works side by side with municipalities and public companies, helping them opt for more secure hardware and software solutions.

In this sense, ThinOX4PC and the ThinMan management console not only protect citizens’ data and their security systems, they also help the system administrator to have everything under control and be able to manage it directly from the IT department. For example, it turns third-party PCs, notebooks, or Thin Clients into Praim Thin Clients, increasing security and optimizing endpoint management. Blocking the writing of the disk, thus helping to make the devices immune to viruses or manipulation by third parties.

Another physical tool is a device created together with the giant LG called Domino NEXT, an all-in-one with powerful hardware and software and a built-in 24? that facilitates the attention to the citizen. Domino NEXT allows you to connect a second monitor in 4K and with the HDMI cable it can be used as a monitor connected to an external device.

And finally, Agile, which aims to help manage devices centrally and thus allow maximum security, protecting endpoints, and locking down the desktop interface. Thus, the user can enjoy an intelligent and controlled interface with a certain similarity to that of a mobile device. It is available in three versions: Agile4PC, Agile4Pi and Agile4Linux for companies using Windows, Raspberry Pi and Linux; Agile4PC for companies that want to fully manage Windows devices, and Agile4Pi that enables transforming Raspberry devices into fully managed VDI endpoints.

Definitely, It is about having safe and quality systems that help to maximize the protection of the data of the users of the websites and platforms of public administrations., and the employees themselves. Cybersecurity threats have no limits, much less differentiate between public and private companies in their threats.

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