CyberGhost gives away 3 months free for Christmas

For Christmas, treat yourself to security and freedom on the Internet by subscribing to CyberGhost VPN at -84%. Here are the details of this crazy offer.

Virtual Private Networks, or Virtual Private Networks in French, are software designed to ensure your online security. Commonly called VPN, these tools make it possible to secure all your online data, but also to preserve your privacy on the net.

VPNs therefore protect you from prying eyes and hackers, but their usefulness does not end there. These applications also make it possible to thwart censorship and geo-blocking on the Internet thanks to their numerous servers located all over the world.

And the one that shines in all of these areas is CyberGhost VPN. If it is on the front page of this article, it is because it is launching a special Christmas offer with 84% discount and 3 months free as a gift. The plan drops to just € 1.89 per month (instead of € 11.99). More details right here:

See CyberGhost Christmas Offer

Reasons to choose CyberGhost VPN

As we can see in this test and review on CyberGhost, this VPN is among the best in the world thanks to a comprehensive and very secure service. CyberGhost ensures the security of your browsing data (including your personal information or your online activities) by encrypting it with a powerful algorithm.

In parallel, CyberGhost proceeds to a total camouflage of your IP address in order to protect your identity and your physical location. So you have nothing to fear for your privacy, especially since CyberGhost offers the Kill Switch option. The latter suspends your connection in the event of disconnection from the VPN, to take no risk.

But where CyberGhost is also very interesting is that it has more than 7,100 servers, located in 91 different countries. Thanks to the VPN application, you will therefore be able to choose a virtual location and connect to it with a single click, so as to thwart all geo-blocks by simulating a presence in the desired country.

CyberGhost will also be very useful for downloading torrents, thanks to its P2P optimized servers and excellent connection speeds. Dedicated servers for streaming are also available. And since we are talking about CyberGhost’s application, note that it is very easy to learn, and compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux).

A discount of -84% and 3 months free

If we are putting CyberGhost in the spotlight in this article, it is because on the occasion of Christmas and the end of the year, this VPN is showing an unprecedented promotion. CyberGhost is currently offering you an 84% immediate reduction on its 3-year subscription, as well as 3 months free of charge.

To summarize, you can therefore subscribe to CyberGhost for a period of 39 months for an amount of only € 73.71 instead of € 467 outside the promotional period. This CyberGhost offer therefore represents more than 390 € in savings. At the monthly level, this reduction reduces the cost of the software from € 11.99 to € 1.89, an exceptional price.

But if this offer is already very advantageous, know that CyberGhost adds another advantage: the seven simultaneous connections. Enough to equip all your IT equipment without any problem.

In addition, this offer comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee for 45 days from the date of purchase. This will allow you to be fully reimbursed if you ever change your mind and wish to cancel your subscription. So, enjoy Christmas with this CyberGhost offer, accessible here:

Grab CyberGhost Christmas Promotion

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