CyberGhost gives you an incredible offer (-84%)

CyberGhost allows you to end the year on a high note with an 84% reduction and 3 months free on its 3-year subscription.

You might be interested in online security, and in this case, you probably need to know about VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). These tools are designed to keep you safe online, so they protect your sensitive information (such as your bank details) and maintain your privacy on the net by covering your identity and location.

To allow you all of this, VPNs have many servers around the world. And you will also be able to take advantage of these servers to modify your virtual location and overcome geo-blocks. However, finding a good, inexpensive VPN can be tricky.

That’s why we’re bringing you CyberGhost’s current offer, which drops its price to just € 1.89 per month.

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Why CyberGhost is right for you

First, we will introduce you to CyberGhost software. This VPN is one of the most qualitative available today. Regarding your security in particular, CyberGhost does not skimp on the means to ensure it.

With this software, your connection is end-to-end encrypted, and your IP address is fully camouflaged. This way you can browse completely anonymously, but also no longer fear hackers.

To go further, CyberGhost also offers the Kill Switch option, which suspends your traffic in the event of disconnection from the VPN, for protection at all times. But as we said in the introduction, a good VPN also allows you to circumvent geo-blocks.

CyberGhost therefore takes up the challenge brilliantly, since it gives you access to more than 7,100 servers in 91 countries around the world. By connecting to these locations, you will be able to unblock foreign websites, but also streaming platforms or geo-limited game servers.

This is all the more interesting as CyberGhost allows you to connect up to 7 devices on a single subscription (PC, tablet, smartphone or connected television). Moreover, the use of the CyberGhost application is very easy, even for a novice user.

Take advantage of 39 months of protection at a discount

CyberGhost usually charges a fairly high price. If this is clearly justified by its quality of service, the fact remains that the price component is very important in the choice of a service.

So, in order to make it accessible to everyone and allow you to save money, CyberGhost is posting a crazy offer at the end of the year. Le VPN gives you an immediate 84% discount on its 3-year subscription. This discount is accompanied by 3 additional months, completely free.

Clearly, CyberGhost offers you 39 months of subscription for only 73.71 € (to be paid in one go). As an indication, know that this price is usually more than 460 €. Discounted at the price per month, this reduction represents a drop in CyberGhost VPN’s price from € 11.99 to just € 1.89.

This will save you around € 10 each month, and a total of over € 390 over the full term of your subscription. And if you feel hesitant, tell yourself that you are not taking any risk in taking this promotion. CyberGhost has your back with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

So, take this opportunity to take advantage of the excellent CyberGhost VPN at a bargain price.

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