Cyberpunk 2077 improves its performance thanks to Ray Tracing: Overdrive Mode

The “oldest” of the place will remember the mythical Crysis, which had brutal textures and not all graphics cards of the time could move it. cyberpunk 2077 It would be a more than worthy successor to that game with brutal textures and adding Ray Tracing. Now the game is updated to add Ray Tracing: Overdrive Modewhich enhances images, and also adds Path Tracing.

Without a doubt, the CD Projkect RED game is one of the great titles of recent years. We are more used to games that last a short time, since they end up being “forgotten” in favor of new games. Some franchises even release a game every two years.

Ray Tracing: Overdrive Mode arrives at Cyberpunk 2077 like a beast

To date, shadows, reflections, and global illumination have been addressed independently for ray tracing. This means that the games will implement some or even all of these technologies, but run independently. The new implementation simulates the light precision in the whole scene.

The complete Ray Tracing system models the light from a practically unlimited number of emitting sources. This enables highly accurate shadows, reflections, and lighting effects from all elements in the scene. The Overdrive Mode integration within Cyberpunk 2077 it’s a preview of the full ray tracing.

It has been integrated into the game NVIDIA RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI) is a free SDK that allows developers to get a lighting look and feel in scenes with multiple light sources. Thanks to this technology, we can have hundreds or thousands of objects that emit light.

Obviously, all this lighting is additional calculations and extra workload. For this, it has been developed NVIDIA Shader Execution Reordering (SER) which allows the GPU to run inconsistent workloads with vastly improved performance. We also have NVIDIA Real-Time Denoisers (NDRs) seeks to improve performance and image quality.

All these elements are combined with DLSS 3 which serves to compensate for FPS losses due to Ray Tracing.

cyberpunk 2077 ray tracing overdrive mode night city

Cyberpunk 2077 unleashes its performance with DLSS 3

Implementing Ray Tracing and adjacent technologies has a large computational cost. NVIDIA’s solution to compensate for the losses is DLSS 3, which is based on artificial intelligence. Also, with RTXDI, SER and NDR optimizations allow up to 5x more FPS.

The performance of cyberpunk 2077 with DLSS 3 activated in the RTX 4090 with the game running on 4K resolutionwill reach 103FPS, which is a performance increase of x4.6 times. Furthermore, in the RTX 4080 we will can reach 74 FPS, with a performance increase of up to x5 times. The RTX 4070Ti in 1440p resolution with DLSS 3pwe will be able to reach the 80FPSwhich is a performance increase of up to x3 times.

We should note that all of this data is great, but it is rarely evened out at the user level. For these benchmarks, the Intel Core i9-12900K processor and 32 GB of RAM have been used, as well as Windows 11. Not everyone has said processor and that amount of RAM, what’s more, not many use the latest operating system from Microsoft.

We must stay with the fact that we will obtain a great performance improvement thanks to these optimizations. In the end, all new technology takes time to evolve and improve.

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