Cyclist ends up knocked out by a reckless female fan | VIDEO

A cyclist who was about to reach the finish line in a competition held in the Canary Islands in Spain, resulted in serious injuries to the head and body, thanks to the recklessness of a woman who crossed just as the athlete was approaching at full speed.

The unfortunate accident left with a severe trauma to the skull to the cyclist, injuries to the body and, unfortunately for the fan, she also suffered trauma caused by the hit against the ground after hindering the arrival of the caravan to the finish line in the town of The iron.

The event occurred at the event Cyclotourist Condaca Salmor, in the Canary Islands, in the town of El Hierro.

According to the Emergency and Security Coordination Center of the Government of the Canary Islands (Cecoes), the emergency services received a call for a cyclist that he had run over a bystander.

When they went to the site, they realized that the situation was not exactly as they were told, since the one who caused the accident was the woman of about 30 years of age, who crossed paths unwise, while checking his phone.

The blow was brutal, there was no way to stop the cyclist race, who was only a few meters away from reaching the goal and achieving victory, unfortunately could not achieve his goal, and on the contrary, he was seriously injured.

Accidents are very frequent

The athlete was rushed to the hospital with injuries to the head, neck and some scrapes on the body, being hospitalized in the Hospital Nuestra SeƱora de los Reyes.

In the case of the woman, she was treated by the preventive medical services featured in the sporting event.

This type of accident is very frequent in cycling competitions, only in June of this year, during the Tour de France, a woman with a poster caused the fall of dozens of cyclists and put the physical integrity of hundreds of people at risk, including her own and that of other fans, thanks to her recklessness.


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