D-Link presents its access points for long-range radio links up to 20 km

The firm D-Link, one of the most important companies in the network solutions sector, has presented two new long-range Wi-Fi 5 access points, the DAP-3711 and DAP-3712. The first offers a maximum range of up to 5 kilometers, and the second reaches 20 kilometers. This differentiation in their specifications makes them two interesting options to meet the needs of different user profiles.

Both D-Link solutions are designed for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint bridging links and offer speeds of up to 867 Mbps. Both have a high quality of construction, and are prepared to withstand the inclemency of outdoor installations without problem, and guarantee a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection to bring Internet access to areas where it was previously impossible, both in urban environments. as rural.

The D-Link DAP-3711 and DAP-3712 are equipped with directional antennas of high gain of 15 and 23 dBi, respectively, they integrate TDMA technology, which drastically reduces interference to maximize the efficiency of the link signal, thus optimizing latency and transfer rates and ensuring the quality of service in point-to-point (PTP) or point-to-multi- installations. point (PTMP), incorporate a robust housing with IP66 certification, dust-tight and waterproof, they have 8 kV protection against overvoltages and are, as we can see, perfect for shielding connectivity against any climatic event or hostile environment.

The new Wireless Bridge Access Points support PoE and include PoE power. This allows network installers to run just one Ethernet cable for both data and power, making installation much easier.

D-Link DAP-3711 and DAP-3712: All your keys at a glance

  • It allows wireless connection of networks between buildings, nodes or access points with a distance of up to 5 and 20 km, depending on the model.
  • Long distance point-to-point radio links.
  • Long distance point-to-multipoint radio links.
  • Directional high gain antennas, 15dBi (DAP-3711), 23dBi (DAP-3712).
  • High-speed coverage with stable links thanks to TDMA technology, which eliminates interference
  • IP66 certified dust and water resistant housing means they are suitable for harsh outdoor environments
  • Power over Ethernet allows a more flexible installation, joining power supply and network connection through the same cable. Power supply as PoE injector included in both models.
  • 8 kV surge protection for extra antenna and network security against lightning strikes or short circuits.
  • Operating modes: AP, Station, WDS AP, WDS Station.
  • High speed Wi-Fi 5 (up to 867 Mbps) for distribution to client devices.
  • WPA 3, built-in 128-bit business and personal wireless encryption for a much more secure network.
  • It includes the anchors to install them on masts and antenna poles.

Both models are now available from the D-Link authorized dealer network and specialty stores with a suggested retail price of 169.90 euros for the DAP-3711 and 199.90 euros for the DAP-3712.

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