D-Link presents its new connectivity solutions for industrial environments

D-Link has introduced its new specialized networking solutions in industrial environments, to provide high-performance wired and Wi-Fi wireless connections for Industry 4.0, automation, IoT and Smart Cities.

D-Link is one of the world leaders in networking and communications infrastructures for businesses and consumers, and in particular, it offers a very broad portfolio of industrial-grade network solutions, including routers, 4G M2M modems, switches, access points, power supplies and accessories.

Now you have just added two other solutions, the 4G LTE router M2MDWM-312W (DWM-312W) and the AC1200 Wave 2 Industrial WiFi Access Point (DIS-2650AP). Both are positioned as robust solutions to provide wireless and wired connectivity either from broadband Internet or from 4G LTE mobile networks.

Specially designed for industrial environmentsThey have galvanized steel housings, industrial grade components, wall or DIN rail installation and power adapted to industrial electrical installations. They have all the certifications for temperature, vibrations and resistance to electromagnetic fields, as well as the demanding industrial safety standard IEC 62443-4-1. This certification guarantees the security of solutions for industrial automation and system control, including the development environment, supply chain and shipping logistics.

Features D-Link DWM-312W

  • Total versatility, Internet connection via 4G LTE or broadband as a neutral router and connectivity to devices via Wi-Fi (802.11n) or via LAN cable.
  • Redundancy for critical environments: Dual 4G SIM slot and WAN failover. If the coverage of a 4G operator falls, it will jump to the other and if both mobile data bands fall, it will activate the broadband connection if it is available.
  • Corrosion resistant galvanized steel housing and wide tolerance to temperature (-20º to 60ºC) and extreme conditions of humidity or condensation.
  • Wall mounting and / or DIN rail. Flexible power input (DC 9V / 2A ~ 36V / 0.7A) that adapts to any type of industrial electrical network.
  • Three external antennas (2 for 4G LTE and 1 for Wi-Fi) with standard SMA connectors.
  • Comprehensive VPN security features, IPSec, GRE and OpenVPN protocols, as well as pass-through traffic management.
  • Remote management of multiple DWM-312W routers and other D-Link devices through Edge Cloud for IoT and EaaS. D-Link Edge Cloud Networking EaaS (Edge as a Service) is a cloud software platform to manage devices, with GPS positioning, analysis, robust security and much more.

Features D-Link DIS-2650AP

  • Superior performance with AC1200 Wave 2 MU-MIMO WiFi.
  • Industrial grade housing, wide operating temperature range from -20ºC to 60ºC.
  • Power supply with double DC input or via PoE (Power Over Ethernet). Built-in 2 kV surge protection and 15 kV ESD protection.
  • Flexible operating modes: access point, wireless distribution system (WDS) with access point, WDS / bridge (without AP transmission) and wireless client.
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports (1 PoE).
  • It functions as a standalone access point or as part of a scalable, centralized deployment of multiple access points with free D-Link Nuclias Connect central management software.


Both solutions are already available in the Spanish market through the D-Link network of distributors and installation partners at recommended prices (PVP VAT included) of 450 euros for the DWM-312W router and 340 euros for the DIS-2650AP access point.

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