Damages caused by programs that change the Windows interface

And it is that we must bear in mind that being able to work in a personalized environment adapted to our needs, we gain a lot in productivity. In addition, apart from this, many users are responsible for changing the interface or appearance of their operating system to work more comfortably. On the other hand, there are those who also seek to have a more original and personal software. Among the elements of this type that we most often use to customize Windows, we tend to change the background or install a desktop theme.

We can also change the predominant color in the system, some sounds, etc. But as we told you, at the same time we can download and install a good number of specific applications for it. With this we refer to certain programs that ensure that we can customize some important sections of Windows. Likewise, many of them try to imitate elements of previous versions of the operating system. For example, so that in Windows 10 we can use the start menu of Windows 7 with XP.

However, the use of these software solutions that we comment on, is not always the best option. In fact, sometimes we can find ourselves with serious problems, something that we are going to talk about next.

We cannot recover the previous interface

Keep in mind in this case we are referring to programs developed by people outside Microsoft, so they have nothing to do with the Redmond firm. In addition, sometimes they make important modifications in sections as sensitive as the start menu, or many of the integrated applications in the system.

Something that has been seen many times is that when using those programs that change the default interface of the system, if we repent, we have no going back. And it is that due to the low-level changes that are carried out, neither by installing the application as such we will be able to recover the original interface. Therefore, we will be forced to reinstall the system completely, or try to recover some restore point.

The change in appearance damages other sections of Windows

For these same reasons, it may be the case that we try to change the interface of a certain Windows game, and this damages others. Serve as an example that we completely change the appearance of the start menu, and without our wanting it, the taskbar will be seriously affected in terms of its functioning. The reason for this is that both elements go hand in hand both internally and externally.

This is something that perhaps the creators of this external application have not taken into consideration, or it can also affect something as important as the Desk.

The system can freeze

And things can get worse, since, as we have mentioned, these programs sometimes modify important and internal aspects of the operating system. In order to modify the interface of basic elements, these applications that we are talking about can affect the operation of the system of the Redmond. We tell you this because sometimes it has been seen that after installing solutions software of this type, Windows has crashed and there have been problems starting.

This does not mean that these applications are malicious, but they do sometimes alter sensitive parts of the operating system that, inadvertently, negatively affect its operation.

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